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Parrot AR. Drone

A Parrot AR. Drone is a helicopter thing that has a HD 1280x720 camera on it, 4 propellers, and you control it using an iDevice. And I recently got one for my birthday!

May 18, 2014

Ever since I got my Parrot AR. Drone I've been wanting to fly it outdoors, because I read that it can go up to 150 ft, do flips, and go really fast. And my dad is friends with Todd, the person who runs the Gold Panners Stadium, and Todd let me fly in the field. He's also looking up how to broadcast the film onto a big screen so I can film a game with my drone. But for now, I just want to try out my Parrot.

Every time I do an outdoor flight, I have to configure the settings so it took a minute to get it up in the air, but I did it! And it was flying smoothly, it was also easier to control then I thought.

But, it wouldn't go higher then ten feet! I checked the settings over and over again, and about the fifth time I saw


And so I scrolled the number line over to 21 meters, and the Drone started going higher, way higher! About 65 feet high! I decided that was a little high, so I brought it down to about 24 feet high. I decided that's enough flying time, and I went up to where Todd and my dad were at. And we planned out how we would record a game and broadcast it to a screen. After that I flew it for another 20 minutes and its battery finally died. (it automatically lands itself when it dies)

Around 3 o'clock the same day, we went to Growden Park and flew it there, and I figured out how to do flips! It can do a front flip, a back flip, and barrel rolls. It's so fun to do, a lot of little kids also chased it. xD

Although, it was getting late and the battery died again. So I decided that was enough for the day. Hopefully I'll get to play with it for many more years, and get to film a Gold Panners game. The Parrot AR Drone is fun to play with, and if you can afford it you should go buy one.

The Adventure of Red the Master Pokemon Trainer: Part 1

" It's finally time! I can finally receive my first starter Pokemon!" Yelled Red, a 10 year old boy with a bright future.

Red lives in the small town of Pallet with his mother and best buddy, Poliwhirl. Everyone in town thinks of Red as the best pokemon trainer there can be, but Red is just getting started on his journey to becoming a Pokemon master.

Excitement filled Red's eyes as he got up and headed to the Pokemon Lab where he would obtain his very first starter Pokemon. However, Red was faced with a problem, he would have to choose between Charmander, the fire Pokemon, Squirtle, the water Pokemon, and Bulbasaur, the grass Pokemon and he didn't know which one to choose! While walking towards the Pokemon Lab, Red was trying to decide on which Pokemon he should choose. After a bit of brainstorming, Red decided on Bulbasaur. As he daydreamed about Bulbasaur, he was reaching the end of the path to the Pokemon Lab.

"I'm almost there! I can't wait!" Exclaimed Red.

About A minute of walking after Red shouted loud for everyone to hear, Red stopped dead in his tracks right in front of a huge marble building with a large entryway, otherwise known as the Pokemon Lab. Red took a deep breath and opened the door to the lab. It was eerie inside, the lights were off and nobody was there.

"Hello? Hello? Anybody here?"

"Boom!" the lights automatically turned on and startled Red.

"Crash!" Red slammed into one of the research desks and knocked over a shelf of Pokeballs!

In a hurry, Red tried to receive the pokeballs, bu all the pokemon were escaping! As Red watched them escape he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A shadowy figure emerged out of the darkness, and looked extremely agitated.

"What are you doing in here you little rascal," said the shadowy figure who now resembled a professor in his white lab coat," That's trespassing you know! And not to mention what you've done to all my precious pokemon research subjects. Get out!"

"But I can help you get them all back," complained Red," It was just an accident!"

'Wait, aren't you the kid who was going to get a starter pokemon today?" asked the professor.

"Yes" answered Red.

"OK then, the only way you're going to get a starter pokemon today is to help me get back all the pokemon you released and that's final!"

As Red and the professor, who Red now knew as Professor Oak, set off on their journey to retrieve the pokemon, Red thought in his mind that at least he was going on his very first journey to receive his very first starter pokemon with the very first professor he'd ever met. Even though he was in deep doo-doo, Red was truly excited for the things to come.

5 Minutes left

About ten seconds ago, Mr. Noon, my 6th grade teacher, announced that we had about 5 more minutes left to work on the computers. Right about now I'm beginning to think about what I need to do to get everything done in these next few minutes, so, I figured I'd write this story about my next five minutes.

Four minutes left and Baylie is still working on her spelling sentences. As for me, I'm still writing this story...BOOM! Ha Ha, scared you.

Three minutes left, I feel like this story isn't gonna get published. Mr. Noon, if you're reading this, you don't have to publish it.

Two minutes left, Rodney Evans, my really good friend, just came up and asked me what I was writing about. Of course I shooed him away because this story is kinda embarrassing and it's just my way of spending these last few minutes of computer time.

One minute left... Wait Mr. Noon it hasn't been five minutes yet!
Well, I guess I'll be on my way now.

Minecraft: Tips For Beginners

Have you ever played the game Minecraft? If you haven't then you should go buy it right now! Minecraft is a really awesome game about surviving, building, mining, and crafting. The game is also all about over sized pixels. So lets get started!

Minecraft: New World

When you first create a world, you spawn in a randomly generated terrain. You may either spawn in a taiga, a forest, grassy plains, pretty much anywhere. But the first thing you want to do when you spawn, is to find a forest.

Once you find a forest, either a oak and birch forest or a taiga, get as much wood as you can. Once you get all of that wood, place it into the crafting interface (By tapping the E key) and you will get wood planks. After that, find a nice flat area to build a house. Once you find an area, get out your wood planks and place them (Using the right-click button on your mouse) in any way you desire.


Night is one of the worst times to get wood, build a house, or anything else. Once the sun goes down, monsters start to spawn everywhere. Ranging from the giant spiders, Zombies, Slime, arrow-shooting skeletons, and worst of all, Endermen. Zombies and Skeletons both spawn in groups of 2-5 and sometimes they can even spawn with armor.

If you didn't find a forest in time, or you weren't able to finish your house, then you should dig a hole in the ground and cover the top.

Second Day

If you survived the night, then the second day would be perfect for going mining, finishing your house, hunting, fishing, or maybe finding a NPC village. But for now, you should go hunting. First off, get wood and sticks then go into the crafting interface. It's hard to explain how to craft a sword, so maybe you should just look it up. Anyway once you get your sword, go outside and find a cow, a pig, or a chicken. Then kill it, and it should drop some meat. The cows drop raw beef, the pigs drop raw pork and the chickens drop raw chicken. If you have at least 15 items of food, and you survived your second day, then you should go mining. Get a pickaxe, find a mine and look for ore. They should look like stone with a mineral looking thing. After mining head back to the surface, and when you get up, the sun will be rising! You have now successfully survived your first days in Minecraft! You should be good from now on, and that ends my tips for you.

Happy Mining!

What I Experienced at the UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA!!!!!

What I learned at the University Of Alaska was the many careers you can have after college. At first I didn't know what kinds and how many you can have, like my teacher's sister, she started with Nursing and wound up in Law. She became a nurse at first. After that she was still a nurse, but she became a lawyer.

Another thing I did not know was what kind of clubs you can take. I learned that from the LIVE class. It turns out there are many clubs to take. For instance, skateboarding club, shuffleboard club, and the book club. You can even travel across the world to learn stuff, too.

Another great thing I learned was how to speak Spanish. Rojo is red and verde is green. There are other things I do not know how to speak in spanish except for hola. We played "Guess Who" in Spanish. We also played twister in Spanish.

That was all I know; hope I get to go again.

Dong Rang Dance Company!

Today I saw Seoul, Korean dancers, and they were amazing! There was four dances, slow but smooth, a little faster, just musical with drums and tiny drums and final was with some girls with lanterns. There dance team is called Dong Rang Dance Company, from Seoul Institute of the Arts. They came to Denali Elementary school to dance for us. It was incredible that they came from all the way from Korea to Alaska.

The first dance was with all girls, they had dresses that when you spin it makes it look like a fluffy dress, and had fans, one of the girls had hot pink feathers on there fans. The music was soft and slow, and at the end of the dance they all made a flower with there fans.

The second dance was slow at first but got faster, There were four boys with a mask that looked like dragons and the colors were green, red, white, and yellow masks. They did a bunch of side flips and looked kind of creepy. But it was still pretty cool.

The third dance was with eight girls with eight lanterns dancing lightly on there feet and having fun. They did cool and unique moves and flowed like a gently river. It was very beautiful. They didn't mess up or fall, but if they did i think they would get back up and keep going.

The fourth and final dance was with no music, well they did have music but they made it with drums and tiny little drums. The music was so loud it was like being at a concert in a room full of people screaming. Anyway this last dance was like 6 minutes long! Crazy right?

Those were all the the dances.

My lovable pooch

My dog Nelly is the best pooch in the world. She is a beautiful black schnauzer with deep brown eyes who always looks like she is sad. I know what you're about to say, "auuwwwwwn." But, she only uses her sad appearance as an illusion to mooch off me. My mom says she has a ginger beard. Sadly, she followed that statement up with the common phrase, "She looks just like her daddy." What you may not have realized from that last statement Mom, is that her daddy is also, in fact my daddy.

When we get home after a long hard day we can be sure of a few things. One, that Nelly has ripped both eyes out of her new bird toy (the last one was named "Juan Gooseman" after the baseball player). Two, that she's rolled around in all our fruit, smashed it, and/or eaten it, and three, that she really, really wants to play. Her favorite food is jelly beans. So we give her a few and she jumps on my mother. My mother grabs her paws and then they waltz.

All in all I love Nelly (But I don't love her obsession with eating bugs.)


Dancing. People came to dace for us at Denali. They are called the Dong Rang dance company. They were wearing masks and dresses and using types of rope. There were eight girls and there were 5 boys dancing. One guy had a hat but it was a different hat than what we were all the time his was a big puffy ball in top of it with a little bit of purple stuff inside of it. All of them were from Korea. They said we were the best school. Ever. They visit Anchorage and then us. They were really nice. They let a little boy hit the drum with a stick, and they were really dressed up very good. I liked how they danced.

Korean Dance

Today Korean people came to our school and did a dance. It was really cool. One guy had a white puff ball on his head that was really cool and funny to watch. Then there was a whole bunch of pretty ladies that had pretty dresses and danced really good too. Their was these guys that had masks on and they scared me when they turned their head sideways and looked at the kids. I loved the girls fan thing I don't know what they are called but they were beautiful. I liked every single dance. They are so awesome and cool. Then there was this one guy that had this one white long thing hanging off his head and it just kept swinging all over the place. Then he threw his long white thing into the audience but then grabbed it all the kindergartens where trying to grab it. They said that we where the only school that saw that dance but other people in alaska will see it but we where the only ones in Fairbanks.

Traditional Korean dance

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! Hope you go Egg hunting, I'm going to at my house have fun
I can't wait for Easter to come it's on Sunday!


my bird

Blue Bird of Happiness

My bird looked just like that but a little bit skinny. It was my best friend. I did not only have one, i had six blue birds, and i loved them all. After a couple months they got too loud and they could fly so we had to give them away. Before they left i got to say bye. Then i started to cry because i would miss them. It is now a new year and i have not seen them for three years now. I miss them so much and i love them still. I still see them in my mind because all the other birds sound just like them and i love the sound. The sound of a bird is so amazing. I love it so much.

Louie Is My Boy

My favorite dog is a beagle, I have one at home and his name is Louie. I know I talked about him a while ago but I love him so much I'm going to show you a picture of a dog like my cuddle, loving, cute, baby Louie.

This looks exactly like Louie with the big brown chocolate eyes, big ears like airplane wings, and he is the most lovable creature in the world.

Come on baby, just one more kiss...

My Headphones!

Last Friday was my birthday. My dad got me these really cool Dr. Dre Beats for me. I have wanted them for a long time, since last Christmas. They are green with an aux cord connected to them to make sound through my phone. My dad said that they cost a lot of money but he would still get them for me. When I first saw them in the commercial, I fell in love!

They were so beautiful! When I put them on my ears they were so loud. And since I have songs on my phone that have a lot of bass, I like to turn the volume up really loud! Here's a picture of them.

Beats by dre studio KryptoNate

The Korean Dance Group

This afternoon, a dance group from Korea visited our school. The dances these people had prepared for us represented their Korean culture. The girls wore elegant dresses and the boys wore menacing robes and masks. In the end, the emcee taught us a few Korean phrases like "annyoung haseyo" which means "hello".

My favorite dance was the one with the drums pounding and the gongs being banged. The rhythm was all around and I could feel the vibrations in my bones. Just when I thought the performance was over, a man stepped up to the gymnasium floor and began twirling around with a ribbon on his head! The ribbon made perfect circles round and round and he was even playing the drums while doing it. It was amazing!

Another one of the dances I liked was the one where the women held bamboo rods with lanterns on each end and twirled about. The bamboo rods reminded me of dandelions when the seeds are just about to drift away in the breeze. As they danced, they formed patterns with their rods and made beautiful circles with their dresses. The elegance and tranquility of the way these girls danced was just so jaw-dropping.

This performance was one of the best performances I've ever seen in my life. I'm glad these people got to come to Fairbanks and if they ever come back, I'll be there! Seeing this expression of the Korean culture has got me interested in Korea. Maybe one day I'll learn to dance like them and perform for a new generation of elementary school children. I loved it!

Ryan middle school

I just cant wait until next year. I will going to Ryan middle school and I just can't wait. It will be so fun to change classes every hour. The middle school's basketball is better because you play against different people besides people in your school. It will be a little lonely because I don't have older sisters or brothers that go to that school, but I have my friends.

They have a lot of classes to join and I think it will be fun. It will be scary to walk in on the first day of school because you don't really know that school. This is what I'm going to try to do so I don't get scared. My friend Jeanae and I are going to call each other and try to meet up at the front door.

I like the lunch time there. We get to eat and hang with our friends. If we bring money we can buy other foods too. I don't really know what you can buy but if I did I would tell you.

Before today I was so scared to even think about Ryan. Then since I watched that video and went to Ryan I'm not so scared anymore than I was. Anyway, a whole bunch of kids from Denali will be going to Ryan.

I don't like math. That's the thing I'm scared of. It gets easy in the beginning but then it gets harder then that's when I just want to quit and not do it. When I went there it made me want to go there right now. Why can't school just be over so I can get a new style and go start a new life.

Thanks for reading this. Just can't wait, and don't be shy to go. Maybe I will make new friends and explore new stuff.

Middle school

Today my class went on a trip. It was to Ryan middle school. When we went in people were welcoming all of us in. We had to learn what to do and stuff. It was a cool trip and a lot of schools came. There was a lot of students there. We learned about when school got out, and more. It was fun.

A class made a movie for us and we got to see it. It was lot of stuff. I want to go there, but I'm going to a new school. I want to go to Ryan because all of my friends are going there. They have a lot of sports that I like a lot, and they said that we can do all of them if we like.

I like it there because it is not that hard to go around. They have a lot of cool stuff there too. Their lockers are big and a lot of room. Their classrooms are big and they help you a lot. They said that if you don't get done with your homework then they will have a Saturday school day to get your stuff done. I like how they give us some stuff that we can do.

I would love to go there but I'm going to a different school. I think that the James C. Ryan Middle school is big and has a lot of room. I hope that I can go to that school. I am going to ask my mom today if i can go.

Ryan Middle School

Hey guys, I just went to Ryan Middle school with my class. When we were in the school a whole bunch of people were holding signs up saying welcome to Ryan middle school, future Wolverines! It was so amazing. I can't wait to go there next year! I am totally signing up for Basketball. They showed us a video about the school and all sorts of classes.I enjoyed going there to see what it is like. It was awesome there. The cafeteria is huge and there is a band and orchestra room in the cafeteria but in a different section. It was big too! My big sister goes there and she also loves the school too.

When the art teacher came in with students they had amazing pieces of art work. There was a flower up close and symmetrical paintings also and you can also make masks that was a cool mask that they showed us that a boy made. In art there is studio art, Photography,and digital. Sometimes you will do photography or digital and of course art!

Now that I got to see places I have never seen in Ryan it was awesome! I can't wait to go to Ryan middle school! I feel like that school is gonna be good for me!

I feel like going to Ryan right now, now that I see how fun it is!

Middle School

A few days ago my class went to a presentation about Ryan middle school. Right before they talked about the middle school we got to listen to a jazz band. After that they started talking about the school and what classes you have to take. But they also talked about some extra classes that could be fun, like ballroom dancing, or art, and a lot more. We also got to ask a group of kids that go to Ryan Middle School some questions. A lot of people asked questions and they responded to all of the questions.

The whole time I was wondering what it would actually be like to go to middle school. When the presentation was over we all got on the bus and went back to school. But when we got back everyone kept talking about what they wanted to do when they got to Middle school. That only made me more excited to go to middle school, I can't wait for next year.

Ryan Middle School

Oh, where do I start! There are so many reasons to be excited, and so may reasons to be afraid of Ryan. I am finally growing older and beginning a journey to something unbelievable! I can't, but at the same time, can wait for middle school.

I will start with the things I am afraid of. The number one thing on my long, long list is definitely getting to classes. I am worried about the time limit we have to get our things for our next class, and getting there before the bell rings. There is only 4-5 minutes, and I really take long to get prepared. I am also a bit afraid of swimming. I do know how to swim. It's just that I won't be used to swimming in school. The time limit on that also scares me because it's only about 10-15 minutes! Swimming is required.

Getting my locker open and remembering my combination is nerve-wracking, because if I can't open it, I can't get the things I need! Also, eating at the cafeteria... SO TERRIFYING! So many thoughts will go through my head! Like, where do I sit, this is where I'll be siting the rest of the year, what if I don't like where I sit? It will really get me worried. All these things probably are just me overreacting. (Hopefully) I'm sure I'll be fine.

Now after that storm of badness, it's time for the good things I'm excited for! Number one is finally getting my own locker! I can have ten times more room, and I can decorate it! It's time to get my creativity on! It will just be amaze-beans! One other thing is the choice of food at the cafeteria. Time to say bye be to the school lunch at Elementary! There will be french fries, nachos, and a bunch of other delicious things! Even a dessert bar! I am super excited for more of a variety of sports to play. I plan to do soccer, volleyball, and track! I also want to join a lot of clubs. Like Teens Against Tobacco Use(TATU). The extra classes I would want to do are art, computer skills, drama, and I think I would want to redo my test to join the Extended Learning Program (ELP)!

After our field trip to Ryan, I think it really calmed me, and I am ready for this exciting step in my life. I can't wait for this journey, and I am just going to push all the worries aside. I just can't wait to be a seventh grader!

Ryan Middle School

Today the 6th grade Denali Elementary students went to Ryan Middle School. We learned about all the different things in Ryan and what it's like. Even the kids that are going to different schools went there. We watched the jazz band play, watched a short (long) film, talked about how classes work and connections, then after that we walked around the school. Now I'm going to tell you how things work there.

When we were walking into Ryan Middle School there were students there clapping and welcoming us. We walked down the hallway towards the cafeteria and went in there. As we were being seated the jazz band played 2 songs for us. After that we listened to the principal at Ryan and she introduced all the kids to the staff there. I know one of the teachers there! Her name is Mrs. Borrego. She's the ballroom dance teacher.

After being introduced to all of the teachers, we watched what was supposed to be a "short" film and learned a little bit more about the school and staff. You have 8 classes total but you HAVE to have 1 elective class but you wont miss out on anything because it is your class. What ever elective you have they will meet during connections. Monday and Friday you have 4 minutes of whatever you need to do before your next class, and Tuesday-Thursday you have 5 minutes. School starts at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4:00p.m.

Monday and Friday classes are 1hr and 10min, and Tuesday-Thursday classes are 1hr. There are a lot of things you can sign up for. The gym classes are awesome! They have swimming. Only because the gym is being repaired. After all the things we did we walked around the school and called it a day.

What to do at Ryan Middle School

Next year I am going to Ryan Middle School. I will do try-outs for the basketball team. The hours you have to stay is from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. on school days. You can do electives like band, orchestra, and P.E. classes. You can do connections to.

You will have at least at the most six classes. You will have to take math, science, social studies, and English. You will be able to pick your electives and connections. You will have a locker assigned to you by computers. If one has a nasty word or there is something wrong with it you can go to the office and tell them. They will deal with it automatically. Or in the next couple of days.

Some thing may go on like a social. A social is when you get together at the middle School. Its like a dance or prom. There are after school programs too. Most of them go on till 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. after school. The only one I know about is orchestra and band. There is Saturday school too. For people who don't get their work done in class.

Middle School

Middle school, a place with 8 classes, lockers, dances, and a cafeteria that you can eat in. This story is about middle school, so whoever is going to middle school this year or next year you should read this. Middle school is like a brand new vision of elementary school but harder and better. You get lockers that can help you store your stuff in like backpacks or bags, binders and books, markers, pencils, pens, and you could also decorate it.

8 classes is a lot but you will get used to it. The main classes you have are math, english, social studies, and P.E. also known as gym, and health. But since you have 8 classes you can pick out 3 more maybe like art, writing, drama, choir, music, archery, ballroom dancing, and more. Middle school has clubs that you could join like robotics, E.L.P, reading, and I think there are more but I can't explain it all.

The dances are when you can get a date and dance with them, but some people just go with their friends. Instead of eating in your classroom you can eat in the cafeteria. Eating in the cafeteria can help you meet people and become friends with them.

Some of the classes have a lot of homework, so make sure that you finish them because if you have good grades you can play a sport like basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestle, track, and swim. So make sure you have good grades so you can play a sport.

The staffs at the schools are nice like if something is wrong with your locker or you have a locker next to a bully ask your counselor if you could move somewhere else. If you're not ready for the class that you picked just ask if you can do a different class. Sometimes kids get lost in the school, so find a teacher, adult, or your friend to help you find your class. If you have a problem ask a counselor, and make sure you do good in middle school.

Middle school.....

Middle school seems very different from the school I'm in now. It has a lot of different things in there. Like one is that we have way more teachers. There's way more homework. Even now I don't like it. I don't know if middle school will be good or not, but i will still keep talking about it so I'll tell you more.

Middle school has about six to seven classes. All the kids take some of the same classes like science, social things and you also take math and English. And then there are some other things you can take but those will be by choice.

But then there are lockers. They will help you organize things. You will put all of the things that you need in there like your books and backpack, things like that. But then at the same time you have to keep it clean and you can not write or stick things in there with tape, but they will make an exception with magnets.

Then we still have lunch. There is A lunch and B lunch. They are 30min apart. You might have lunch with eighth graders if you're in seventh, and if your in eighth you will also eat with seventh. And also lunch is only 30min long.

Also you can have your phones or anything else out before the bell, and you can have it out after you walk out the building. You can not have it out any other time. It will get taken.

Well that's all I have to say for now.

middle school

Middle school today i went to middle school it was fun you have 6 teachers.The school has about 500 teens there. It is big. There is a cafeteria there. School is 9 to 4. That is long.

There is sports, and I like sports.The school has basketball, soccer ball, wrestling, swimming, and lot of stuff. You have to get good grades.

There is PE. It looks hard. Now there is running around the school, and there are weights. There are a lots of classes in Ryan Middle.

Going Into 7th Grade

All 6th graders went to Ryan Middle School today. We saw how it looks and learned about what we can do there, and other stuff. When you go to 7th grade and into middle school, you can do a lot of stuff. First of all you can get a locker of your own. You also can join art, swimming, band, orchestra, basketball, and other things. You go to school at 9:30 and you get out at 4:00. You have 5 minutes between classes. You can go to your locker and put away stuff and get your other books or stuff and use the bathroom and talk to friends but you only have 5 minutes. You see about 8 teachers a day and most of them give you homework, so you will most likely have a lot of homework and think of it that way.

Just wait until you go to high school, there will be a lot more stuff and bigger kids and stuff like that. I was thinking about joining basketball, volleyball, swimming and yoga. At first I think the first week or so might be scary, with older kids and other things. There is a lot of kids there. There is about 400 kids there. So we will just see how it goes. At Ryan they have a Saturday school; you go to school on Saturday at 9:00 until you finish your work. You only go there if you are behind in classes like bad grades.

Middle School

Next year, I plan to go to Ryan Middle School. I am so excited! My class had a field trip to learn about Middle School, and when we got there we were greeted by 8th grade students. We then went into the cafeteria room, and the music band played for us. It was a great performance.

After that, on the mic, the principle greeted us and introduced us to a few teachers. We then watched a movie telling about Ryan, made by the school's 8th grade movie makers. We learned about the different classes, math, pool, social studies, and many more. We learned about the lockers, the teachers, and so much more things about Middle School.

After that, we then had a Q&A (Questions and Answers) and I learned when school starts, and when it ends. I learned that you can have more 5 teachers, such as Science, English, Math, Orchestra, Soccer, and Physical Education. I also learned that there is two lunch periods, and there could be over 100 people in the Cafeteria, and I learned that there are many optional classes, such as Computer, Archery, Diving, and Sports. Finally I learned the school is like a big square, so its pretty easy to not get lost.

Finally, before we left, the 8th grade mentors led us on a tour of the school. We saw all of the lockers, the different classes, and a lot more of the school. But sadly, it was time to go. So we piled into the bus and left for our school. The field trip was very fun.

Middle School.

The middle school I am going to is called Tanana Middle School. The reason I am going there is because both of my sisters went there. My sister, Jhaonna, is currently going there right now. My oldest sister, Dianna, also went there. I can't wait to go to middle school because you get to move around and you don't have to stay in one class for 7 hours! YAY! Also another thing that I like is that we get to eat lunch with everybody and you don't have to sit in one room with a couple of 6th graders!

Another thing that I can't wait for is lockers. I can keep a locker way more organized than I can a desk. I can also decorate it. I can put a mirror in it, photos, art work, a dry erase board, and lots lots more. It's nice because you can put your book bag in it so that you don't have to carry it around everywhere you go.

At Tanana, you can have your phone out at lunch time! I think that is awesome. It's cool because you don't normally have the privilege to do that at most schools. That is why I can't wait to go to middle school!

Middle school

This morning everybody in six grade went to Ryan Middle School to see how middle school is like. We learned about what are some middle activities. I cant wait to go to middle school because I'll get to meet new people and make new friends. I might go to Monroe or Ryan middle school.

I can't wait to get to go to cooking class and math class. Another thing is that you have a locker. You can put your stuff in them. I can't wait to meet new friends in cafeteria. I want to join a soccer club.


Today the sixth graders went to James C. Ryan Middle School. That's what sixth graders have to do when they’re about to go to middle school.

We took the bus on our way to James C. Ryan middle school. Every body was excited to go in to a middle school because we’ve been in elementary school for seven years every body listened like if a dog was getting yelled at. Our conselor was very proud. We had to fit two and a half classes on a bus. When we arrived there was a billboard that said welcome sixth graders. We were all kind of shy. When we walked in, there were people holding signs and clapping but there were only like five to ten doing that. We went into this room there was a jazz band that played music for us. In the cafeteria there were these sixth graders who just kept coming and coming. Then they played a video.

We talked about the kinds of clubs they have, how many classes, and when the school lunch period is. There are only two grades in middle school, seventh and eighth grade. Ryan Middle School even has a theme song called The Chicken Dance that you have to know before you go. The school is like a huge, yet small square.

There are a few things different from elementary school and middle school. In middle school there is no eating in one classroom with twenty-something students; you eat in a gigantic cafeteria all at once! Also, in middle school, you only have your lockers, but in elementary school you had your desks.

I'm so excited for middle school. The part I am most excited for is Home Economics because I like cooking. I wanted to try something new and learn how to cook. My parents said I had to take that class, and I’ve wanted to take that class for a very long time.

Once you get to middle school they'll have lots and lot of talking and students. There will also be a video about the teachers, and how to make friends. There are only two semester classes that are two semesters long. These are the Extended Learning Program, Art, and Introduction to Computer Skills, Choir, and Drama. Then you have one-year classes like Varsity, Band, and Intermediate Orchestra.

Every seventh grader must take the following classes; English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Health, P.E., and an Elective. If you don’t turn in your work on time the principal will have you come in on another day to catch up on your work, guess what day that is? Saturday! That’s what you’ll have to do if you don’t get your work done, otherwise you’ll fail and get held back. Trust me you don’t want that.
If I had to choose I would choose; Art, Home Economic, Drama club, choir, Journalism and Publication.