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Tell the Raven is a community writing project for Mr. Noon's sixth-grade class at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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My Family

I have an odd family, but I love them. Malachi is my brother and he is a pain. He is three years older than me and he is a great basketball player. Malachi was really the only one who knew what I was saying when I was a baby. He always wants to mess with me and make fun of me. My mom is the most special person to me because she gave birth to me. My mom has been there for me since day one and will always have my back. Sometimes I think my mom does a little too much for me. My dad is the person who taught me how to play basketball. He has also been there for me. He takes time from what he's doing and helps me with what I need help with. That's why I love my family.

What I 'm Doing for Christmas Break

What I'm doing for Christmas break is that I'm gong to play basketball. Right after Christmas, I'm going to Anchorage to practice for a tournament I'm playing in, January ninth. I have to play with seventh and eighth grade girls in Oregon. I have to fight for playing time because there are so many girls on the team. If I get to play for the whole game, I will be playing against other seventh and eighth grade girls. The girls and I will talk and have fun. Then after that, I will talk to my friends and family about what I did. I would post stuff on Instagram of my new team and the beautiful parts of Oregon. That pretty much is what I'm doing for Christmas break.

The Great Evil Noval part one

This is a start to a new story im making. Hope you like it.

Chapter One

Once the world was filled with love and kindness for others. Everyone was at peace. No one had a dark day and they had always had a roof over their head. But that was lost. Evil broke from the chains that held it down and searched for power and revenge, Revenge for their destroyed homes and slayterd children.

As the days grew longer darkness grew stronger and the thirst for revenge became more needed. War broke out between the two nations as swords clashed against swords throughout the dead of the night. When the sun rose it sounded a terrible lost and a great victory. The darkness shouted with triumph at their victory and at the great taste of revenge. The world was miserable after that, but some people thought that a hero would rise one day and save them all from the nightmare. But no one did. The small hope that was in people slowly faded away.

I will add another peace of the story next week or so.

A Week In Disney Land

Have you ever been to Disney Land? I have. It is so fun there! In Disney Land I got to go on lots of rides, I got to go in an underwater tube that you walk through, and I even got to get a picture of me riding a dinosaur. What they did to get the picture of me riding the dino is that they put me on a seat sitting in a certain position and they added a picture of a dino to it and it looked just like I was riding a dinosaur. The tube that I walked in was awesome! There were sharks and lots of cool underwater animals on the outside of the tube. My favorite ride that I went on was called the tower of terror.What the ride would do is lift you up in an elevator then the whole thing would just drop. One ride that remember the most of is a roller coaster that was really long and it looked really fun. The reason I remember it is because I was an inch to small and my brother got the front seat. I was really depressed but I got over it when we went back to the hotel to play in the pool. That was pretty much my whole vacation.

How to Make a Turkey Sandwich

Have you ever wanted to make a turkey sandwich? First you need bread any type of bread,you also need turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and any condiments you like. First you lay out the two peaces of bread.Then you put the condiments on the bottom piece of bread. Then you put on the turkey on the bottom peace of bread.After that you put the cheese on the turkey. Put the tomato and lettuce on the cheese. If have mustard or ketchup or any other condiments, put it on the tomato and put the top piece on.

How to make a Milkshake

Your purpose for making a milkshake would be maybe you are thirsty and maybe you want to have a good tasting beverage. It could also be a healthy drink. Plus homemade milkshakes are better than store bought milkshakes if you ask me. Also I think it’s better homemade because you get to choose what ingredients you want. Like the flavor.

The ingredients you will need if you were going to make a strawberry Milkshake would be strawberries, milk, strawberry ice cream or vanilla ice cream (your choice) and you need a little ice.

You can get this milkshake ready by getting all of your ingredients ready and putting them in a blender or you can just mix your ingredients with a spoon, but it would be much easier to blend them. After you are done, put it in a cup and you can top your milkshake with whipped cream or anything you like.

How to make a seascape Painting

I’m going to tell you how to make a wonderful seascape painting. It will look great on walls, wow your family members and make you proud. It’s fairly easy if you just know how to do it! So lets get started!

The materials you will need are one pencil. One ruler (which is optional) and one piece of watercolor paint paper. Next you will need one set of watercolor paint. You will also need paper towels to dry your paintbrush. Lastly you will need a cup of water. Those are all the materials you will need for this painting.

So, the materials you’ll need first is your pencil, ruler and paper. With your ruler you will draw a light line across the paper. Then on the line by the side of the paper you will draw two hills connected. But don’t make them dark. You have to draw light for everything. Then under that you will draw the same shape as a reflection. Then on the other side of the paper (still on the line) you will draw a half circle. Under it you can draw a little scribble thing as a shadow. Don’t go to far down though. As you can see, the half circle is the sun. The line across the paper is the horizon line. On the bottom half of your paper you can draw some ships on the water. Make sure not to draw any waves. You have to make some parts of the ships go over the horizon line to make it seem more realistic.

Now it’s time to paint. To paint the sky you’ll turn the paper upside down and paint from the horizon line up. This sounds weird at first but it’ll make the sky look great. Now you want to make sure to thoroughly dry your paintbrush and wash it of so the colors don’t get messy. For the sky you want to color it completely, that means no white on the sky. Next you will paint the hills, but just the top ones. You want to let that dry. Then you can paint the sea. Then the sun and then the ships. For the shadow from the sun, I prefer to erase the pencil drawing of the shadow and then paint that a yellowy color. Let that dry. Then you can paint the reflection of the hills a lighter green. Just let that dry and your done! That’s how you make a seascape painting!

Homemade Popsicles

Do you like popsicles? Well what a coincidence we are going to make popsicles! You can make all sorts of flavored popsicles. You can make root beer, coke, strawberry, lemon, and grape and all the flavors you can think of.

Here are the materials you need to get started. All you need is an ice tray, freezer, toothpicks and the flavor of what you want. Maybe even mix a few together.

The steps to making a home made flavored popsicle is first, get an ice tray and put your flavor or flavorings in it. Then get toothpicks and put one in each square circle etc. You fill with your flavoring. Put it in the freezer and have about a 45 to hour wait. Then take out the popsicles and enjoy your delicious delight!

How To Make A Spear

The reason anyone would really need a spear is that maybe you're lost in the forest, and you don’t know when you're going to get out, so you make a spear. Another reason that you might want to make a spear is that maybe you’re at a bonfire, and you got a good stick. So you get out your pocketknife, and start carving a pointy stick. That’s really all my reasons why you might make a spear so lets get into the materials.

The materials that you need to make an OK spear are. A small-sharpened pocketknife, some people think that you always a big one, but you don’t. The next thing that you can’t possibly forget is the strong, and sturdy stick. Those are mostly all of the ingredients.

This is how to make your fine spear. What you need to do is get your well-sharpened knife, and your firm stick. Put the part that’s going to be pointed towards the floor, and maybe do this outside. Never point the knife towards someone so point in to the floor, and don’t point it at your leg either. It may take a wile, but it may be nice to go hunting with it! Put the knife onto the stick, and slice the bark down. Keep doing that all around the stick until you think it is sharp enough for what you like, or until your parents say stop.

I hope you have fun with your very own spear.

How to make a Customized Scooter

Have you ever seen a person going 30mph down a hill with his or her own customized scooter? Well you can be that person; I’m going to tell you how to make your own customized scooter. You will need a Lucky deck, two metal core wheels, an Epic clamp, MGP forks, an Epic head cap, Ode I grips, and Crisp bars. First you connect the Forks to the front wheel. Then you screw on both wheels to the deck. After that, you screw the head cap on to the deck. Then you put the clamp on the bars with no screws on yet.

Once you have the bars on the deck with the clamp, you tighten the screws on to the bars so the when you jump and pull up, your bars won’t fall off. Then you either spit as big as you can in the grips or put soap and water in them so they will slide on. Wait at least 24 hours for them to dry. Finally, you will have your own customized scooter to do tricks and go up to 20mph.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese

This is a great snack for when you don’t want to cook much, and for when nobody is there to cook for you. I am going to tell you how to make the best-grilled cheese ever. So first you are going to need a pan and a stove. Then the ingredients are butter cheese obviously and bread. Also you might want Pam. So what you need to do is to put butter on the opposite side of the place where you are going to put cheese. Do this on both slices of bread. Then put cheese on and put on the pan then put the pan on the stove. Heat the pan to 7 then after 5 to 10 minutes flip the bread over then after another 5 to 10 minutes enjoy. By the way, don’t skip the butter; that’s what makes it have flavor other than the cheese, and it helps the sandwich not stick to the pan. This is how to make a grilled cheese.

How to make popcorn

Hello, would you like to make some popcorn? First you need to have popcorn from a store, and next you need to have butter and salt form the store. Then you need a thing to put the popcorn in, and a cooking stove to put the popcorn on.

Then you put the popcorn in the cooking pot so you can cook the popcorn. Then set your cooking stove to a time, and wait until the popcorn is finished, when all the popcorn is popped. When it's done, you put it in a small bowl or a big bowl.

If you don’t like salt, don’t add salt. But, if you love salt, add it. Then add butter to make the salt stick on your popcorn. Also if you bought the microwave popcorn, just follow the instruction on the bag. Then enjoy your popcorn or microwave.

I can’t have popcorn for two years because of the popcorn kernals get stuck in my gums, so I am now sad. But enjoy your popcorn, whoever you are.

How to Make Homemade Potato Chips

Have you ever wished that you could make your own healthy chips? I choose homemade baked potato chips because it’s healthier than regular chips. Chips are for people who don’t really have time to eat a full meal, so they just snack on chips or other things.

Are you hungry, but you don’t want to eat something unhealthy? Then I have an easy way that you can make healthy potato chips. All you need is some spices of your choice, two or more potatoes, and an oven.

The first step is to peel and cut the potatoes (with parent’s help). The next thing you need to do is to set your oven to about 150 to 250 degrees. As the oven is done pre-heating, you put the potatoes on a cookie pan and put them in the oven. You need to wait about 15 to 20 minutes as it cooks check on them once in a while so they don’t burn. When the chips are done, you put whatever the spices you would like on the chips and enjoy.

How To Make Necklaces: What You Need

Want to know how to make a nice homemade necklace? Necklaces are fun to make at a party or any nice time your bored. Here are the steps. First you need a nice comfortable thin-like fabric, buttons of any kind like decorative or not-small or big, a chain for your neck-with a clasp, scissors, needle and tread, and confidence.

Take your buttons, and make them into a shape or a somewhat nice looking pile. Make sure at least every button is touching another. Once you do that, make sure your glue gun is ready and hot. Make sure not to burn yourself. Glue the buttons together in the formation you want them to be in. Then once they are dry you need to get your fabric. Place the glued and dry buttons on your fabric, outline the sides of the buttons on the fabric. After that you take the cut out fabric and put glue on the back of the buttons or on the fabric. Just make sure when you go to put on the buttons, they line up with the fabric.

So far you have the main part of the necklace. Make sure that you have left over fabric for the chain. Take the chain and carefully cut it in half. Sew one end of a chain piece to one end of the buttons, and the other to the other. Take a nice good piece of fabric, and glue that on top of the chain’s end. Make sure it fits your neck, and then you’re done! Congratulations! You made a necklace.


Do you know how to make a s’more? I do. I love to eat them and you probably do, too. People everywhere love s’mores. But you would probably wonder why people use their time just to make them and have them disappear a couple seconds later. The answer is that they are so good that people would be willing to go out to the store and buy the items to make them. Another reason is that it is a good way to bring everyone to the campfire and be together. All this talking about s’mores is getting you hungry, right? So let me show you how to make them!

All you need is a fire, graham crackers, Hershey chocolate, a marshmallow cooking stick, and marshmallows. You can normally buy these items (except for the fire) at a store. The first step to making this snack is to get a fire started. If you can’t get it started normally, carefully use a little bit of gasoline to start it off. Once you have the fire going, you put a marshmallow on the end of your marshmallow cooking stick. Then, depending on how you like your marshmallow, hold the end of the stick over a good spot in the fire. After about a minute the marshmallow is ready. Then you place the marshmallow stick somewhere where nothing could harm the marshmallow. While the marshmallow is sitting in your stick, you get two halves of a graham cracker and about four pieces of the Hershey bar and put the chocolate on one of the graham cracker pieces. Then you take the graham crackers (with the chocolate inside) and take the marshmallow off the stick by squishing it between the two pieces of graham crackers. Then slowly pull the marshmallow off the stick in the two pieces of graham crackers. When you are done doing that, you are done, and you can enjoy it!

That is how you make a s’more!

how to make an egg sandwich

A super easy and fast breakfast is an egg sandwich. On the weekend instead of having a boring old bowl of cereal, you can have a nice warm egg sandwich. To make an egg sandwich you need a pan, spatula, butter knife, and olive oil. For ingredients you will need 2 pieces bread, 2 eggs, miracle whip or mayonnaise, and cheese.

To make this delicious sandwich you first put a little bit of your oil in the pan and put it on 7 or 6. Next when the pan gets warmed up crack the eggs in the pan. Don’t flip the egg until it looks white. While the egg is cooking you can take your bread and smear some miracle whip or mayonnaise on to it using your butter knife. When the egg is almost done take a piece of your cheese and lay in on one of the pieces of bread. Then when your egg is finished cooking you take the piece of bread with the cheese on it and put the egg on it. It will make the cheese melt better. Finally put the other piece of bread on top of the other one and enjoy your easy but tasty egg sandwich.


I love softball. softball has been in my family for a long time. My mom played since she was 8 all the way to 25. I don't know when my dad started but next summer it will be his 17th year. I grew up at the fields and now I play myself. I started when I was 5 and this next summer it it will be my 8th year with no breaks in between. I have played every position except outfield. I have hit 7 home runs in my year. I will definitely never give up on softball.

Last summer we had softball every day when me and my sisters were at my dad's house. My dad had an umpire job every day of the week. Plus me and my sisters either had a practice or a game. It was difficult for my parents because we weren't all on the same team.

My softball team last year took 1st place in the end of the season tournament against the best team in our league. It was really awesome because every other tournament we got 3rd place. I main coach had to go to Chicago for family things and he wasn't back yet when we won. After the game the coaches wife and the rest of the team called him and he was super proud of us. He told us that when you work had for something you want you'll get it.

Another reason that win was super awesome was the way the games were. so we nocked every one else out of the tournament. In the tournament after you lost 2 times you were out. We all ready lost once so we had to work super hard. The team we were playing was Delta Heat and hadn't lost all day. So that ment we had to beat them at least twice to win. We won the first game by 3 points and had no break before the next game started. During the 2nd game I ran home and my team mate Tazja was behind me. We both scored a run and we were finally ahead. The ump called time and then said ,"Ball game" my coach looked at the score book and looked at us and noded and we started to jump up and down screaming. The other team hates winning and started crying. We won that game 11 to 12. My dad was so proud of me and I was proud of my self.

Well no matter what I am always going to love softball for as long as I live, and no one will change that.

Elizabeth Peratrovich

Elizabeth Peratrovich was an amazing person and leader. She was born in July, 4,1911. She is from Ketchikan, Alaska. Elizabeth Peratrovich was part of the Tlingit Lukax Adi clan of the Raven Society.

Elizabeth Peratrovich made Alaska the first place in the U.S. to outlaw racial discrimination. She was an Alaskan Native. After she married Roy Bellingham he joined the Alaskan Native Brotherhood. She also gave a presentation to convince the senators to vote for the new racial discrimination law.

Sadly Elizabeth Peratrovich died at 47 years of age, February 1, 1958. Today Elizabeth Peratrovich has a holiday on February 16th. Elizabeth Peratrovich will be remembered for her compassion to end racial discrimination.

Halloween of 2014

This Halloween I didn't get to go trick-or-treating. But I went to a AWESOME wedding instead! The decorations were so neatly put up and the place looked very nice, considering it was at the fairgrounds. Yep, the wedding was at the State Fair Grounds; of course we were inside a building. Brrrrrr, that would have been cold! It wasn't long before we settled down and the wedding started. First the men, then the little kids, then the bride, the music for the men was heavy metal rock, for the kids and bride it was "Pretty Woman". As she walked down the aisle, she was smiling and dancing a bit. It was awesome! A good amount of candy and lots of fun. It lasted for like 4 hours. Started at 6:00pm-11:45, so more than 4 hours. The place was very nice.

After all the wedding things were done and all, we watched their kids for the night. 4 kids: Johnny(5), Skarlet(6), Jaden(8), and Jocelyn(10). All of them were so annoying! But fun.

The next day we went to McDonalds to get the kids out of the house. Since our theater room wasn't up and ready, the upstairs was too small for all those crazy kids! We got there and they wanted food; the price was good and fair. 20 minutes later, when I went to go order, my mom came out and said, "Is the food here? Its been 20 minutes."

I said no, I just now ordered. An hour later the food came. I ended up missing my dance class for ballet, which was 12:30-1:30, and we didn't get food until 1:04. I was sad and bummed.

So that was my Halloween!

Halloween Night

This Halloween I went with my brothers friends to go trick-or-treating. I was a pokemon called Greninja and my brother was a scary pumpkin. When I went, I got stuff from a toothbrush to a king size Hershey Bar! Other than that, I got a LOT of cool candy. When I went my bag almost got filled up all the way! When we got to a street that was overfilled with people, or none of the lights inside were on, we would all jump into the car and drive to a different street.

When we were trick-or-treating I figured out that time goes by really fast. For example, when I thought that it was an hour it was actually three hours. We had started at six o'clock and had ended at nine o'clock but I thaught it was only an hour. That night I gorged myself on candy and fell asleep at twelve at night. The next morning I woke up and said, "Only 364 more days until next Halloween!


Gilgamesh is a king who ruled a land called Mesopotamia a long time ago.

Gilgamesh was alone and grumpy in life. So one day he decided he was going to show people how powerful he was. He told everyone to build a wall around the city-state. At first people were willing to help because they thought an attack was coming. They started to get tired. Some of the people responded by praying to the Sun God.

Finally the Sun God responded by sending a man as strong as Gilgamesh; with the name of… Enkidu!! Enkidu lived with the animals of the jungle. He didn’t know what humans were.
When Gilgamesh heard that Enkidu was telling people he was as strong as Gilgamesh, he was furious. He wanted to challenge Enkidu. But, Enkidu did not want to fight. Gilgamesh ordered that they bring Enkidu to him; he wanted to destroy him to prove he is the strongest.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu began to fight in front of Uruk. Gilgamesh and Enkidu had the same powers, but Gilgamesh lost. Enkidu was a hero. Gilgamesh was sad, and Enkidu was proud. Enkidu explained to Gilgamesh that if he wants to make friends he has to be nice to the people of Uruk. Gilgamesh agreed, and for the first time, Gilgamesh smiled. Enkidu left to go back with the forest animals.

The King Gilgamesh

Long ago Gilgamesh ruled over a land called Mesopotamia. Gilgamesh didn’t know what it was like to be human. He had wealth and power, but he still wasn’t happy. He was part God and part man. He was lonely. Because of that he became cruel and bitter. Gilgamesh came from the Sun God.

Gilgamesh was making the people build a huge wall. At first they made it willingly. Then the people grew restless. Gilgamesh was overworking the people because he wanted the wall done. He wanted the people to see how powerful he was. The people were praying to the Sun God for mercy from Gilgamesh. That’s when the Sun God sent Enkidu.

The Sun God sent Enkidu. He was made from the clay of the earth. Enkidu was sent to live with the animals of the forest. When he got to know the animals he started to care for them. But he didn’t know human kindness because he never saw another person. Enkidu is as strong as Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh found out about Enkidu. He was furious because he didn’t want anyone to be as powerful as him. He wanted to challenge Enkidu. He wanted to fight to the death. Enkidu didn’t want to fight Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh found out that Enkidu and him have some things in common. They didn’t fight. They became friends and ruled together. And Gilgamesh wasn’t cruel anymore. And Gilgamesh stopped the people from building the wall.


In the city of Uruk there was a great king called Gilgamesh. He was sent by the sun god to rule the city. Gilgamesh was part human part god. He had power and money but wasn’t happy.

One day Gilgamesh wanted to show his power so he told all the men to build a wall around the city. First the people did it by choices but then they became restless and people started to die. So they prayed to the sun god to help them.

The sun god had sent Enkidu to help the people but he had never seen people. So he lived in the forest with the animals. One day Enkidu saw a hunter chasing a hurt animal so he through the hunter in the air and saved the animal. The hunter had ran back to tell Gilgamesh what had happened he had called him ‘the strongest man in the world. Gilgamesh was vary mad he told the hunter that he was the strongest and most powerful so he challenged Enkidu.

Gilgamesh was ready to fight Enkidu and prove his strength. Enkidu thought instead of fighting him he could talk to him. So before the fight Enkidu talked to him they agreed that if Gilgamesh went easy on the people he would leave so Gilgamesh agreed. So Gilgamesh ruled the people and Enkidu ruled the animals.

Gilgamesh's Defeat

Gilgamesh is half human, half god, and he’s a king. Gilgamesh feared that his town was going to be attacked, so Gilgamesh sent his slaves to build a wall. The slaves were starving and needed rest so some of the slaves passed out because of no energy and the slaves started to pray for the Sun God to defeat Gilgamesh.

The Sun God made Enkindu out of earth’s clay to defeat Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh then had a duel with Enkindu. The next day Enkindu showed up to defeat Gilgamesh. Three hours later, Enkindu defeated Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh's last dieing words were. “I have been alive for many years but today I die."

Every slave cheered for Gilgamesh's defeat and celebrated for the saver who defeated Gilgamesh. So then Enkindu was tired of the battle and he went back to the forest to rest. That’s Gilgamesh's defeat. The slaves went off to make their own towns and villages so then the people of the towns and villages pray to the Sun God to say thank you for saving us from Gilgamesh’s defeat.


Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk. He had everything but friends. He began to grow cruel and bitter. He decided to show the people of Uruk he was the most powerful king. Gilgamesh did that by forcing all the men of Uruk to build a wall around Uruk. The men built the wall up and up but Gilgamesh wouldn’t let them stop. The men started fainting and starving and the food was getting scarce. They started to pray to the sun god for help.

The god got their prayers and created a man as strong as Gilgamesh. The clay of the Earth made him and his name was Enkidu. He lived in the woods with animals and they were his friends. One day a man was out hunting. Enkidu saw him about to kill an animal and threw the man out of the chariot and saved the hurt animal. The hunter went back to Uruk and told Gilgamesh and said Enkidu is the strongest man in the world. Gilgamesh was angry. He said bring Enkidu to him and he could show him who was the strongest man.

Enkidu went to Uruk and fought Gilgamesh. Enkidu was about to finish him off, but then he realized why kill people when they’re just like animals. So he asked Gilgamesh whether he would rather die or just be a normal person in Uruk. He said he would just be a normal person in Uruk. So Enkidu was now the king of Uruk, and Gilgamesh made friends and turned out to be really nice.


Once upon a time there was an old grumpy king named Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was part god and part human. He ruled over the land of Uruk but none of the people liked him. Gilgamesh wanted people to like him, though. Gilgamesh told all the people of Uruk to build a giant wall. Most of the people offered to help willingly. But after a while the people got tired of working but Gilgamesh made them work more and more. Then the people started praying to the sun god, asking him for help.

The sun god responded by creating a man from the clay of the Earth that was just like Gilgamesh. His name was Enkidu. Enkidu lived with the animals in the forest. One day Enkidu saw a hunter chasing an animal in the forest. He stopped the hunter and followed him to his city. That is when he saw Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh didn’t like Enkidu because the people said he was as strong as he was. Gilgamesh wanted a battle with Enkidu to show the people that they were wrong. When they started battling each other, the land animals trapped Gilgamesh and all the birds flew him off to a land far far away. Then the king's throne was taken by Enkidu.

The Great King

Hello, today I'll tell you about the legend of Gilgamesh with what I thought the ending should be.

Once upon a time long ago in the city of Uruk, in The Land Between Two Rivers, there lived a mighty king named Gilgamesh. He was told to be half god, half human. He was the son of The Sun God. He was mighty wealthy yet alone and grumpy. He wanted to be remembered forever, so he ordered men to leave their jobs and start building the greatest wall ever made. The women would bring food and the children would be kept away. The people thought there must be a good reason. Soon workers grew restless and started dying from hunger and stress. They prayed to the sun god for someone to save them.

The god heard their prayers and out of the clay of the Earth raised Enkidu, who was sent to live with the animals. He had not met a human yet and when he did, the humans were hunting animals. Enkidu ran up and knocked the man off his chariot. The hunter ran back to Gilgamesh and told him of the new arrival.

Gilgamesh ordered his men to get Enkidu and bring him back. So the guards found him and brought him back to Uruk. Gilgamesh wanted to show that no man was stronger than him. So they held a battle and as soon as they started fighting, an on fire, flying chariot flew down from the sun and grabbed Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh now serves as a god. While Enkidu is the new ruler of Uruk.

help me I have sisters

I have have two sisters and I'm the oldest. They are nine and six. They're both super duper annoying. Kendra is always talking to herself and is making sound for no reason at all. Jenna is so worried about the next day and doesn't just live that moment. She is also always hurting me.

Kendra loves to make me mad. When my dad is at work and I'm baby sitting she always steals my stuff and sings and makes weird noises. When I ask her to stop she yells at me and hits me and then tells my dad that I was being mean. When I say "No," then I get yelled at by my dad while Kendra laughs. Kendra also loves to get her way. If I'm watching TV and she wants to watch a different show she will scream and cry until she gets her way. My mom and dad just say, "let her have it so I don't have to listen to her."

Jenna ever since we were little she has been hurting me. When she was two she almsot took a chunk out of my stomach while I was sleeping. When she was four, me and her were cleaning up our room but she didn't want to help so she tried to kick a toy at me. Instead the high heal she was wearing flew off her foot and hit me in my face. I went downstairs crying my eyes out and my dad said, "Let me see; let me see." When I moved my hand out of the way I had a big throbbing black and purple eye. Jenna got yelled at for good 10 minutes. It really sucked to have to go to school with a black eye.

So those are my annoying little sisters. I hope you don't have the same problem.

Bucket List

I have a long list of things to do on my bucket list. The first thing I want to do is bungee jump off the Empire State Building. The second thing I want to do is go swimming in the Amazon River. The third thing I want to do is parachute out of a plane and a helicopter. The fourth thing I want to do is snowboard on the top of Moose Mt. The fifth thing I want to do is make my own car. The sixth thing I want to do is go water boarding in the Atlantic Ocean. The last I want to do is be in the N.B.A.