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Tell the Raven is a community writing project for Mr. Noon's sixth-grade class at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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The long long hike

I got to go to Murphy dome. Mr. Noon,our teacher, said we had to have a buddy to keep track of us, well one way or another. My buddy or buddyies in this case were, Slowbro and Zbra.

This card game called queen's maid that I showed them how to play on the bus was awesome. At first they said no lets play war, but in the end I won, and we played my favorite card game ever. After Slowbro and Zbra got the hang of it they loved it and every time we got on the bus we played it and had a lot of fun.

At lunch we got to climb on this biggish rock and have a picnic thing. Someone found this cool geocache with weird but cool things in it. I think there was a bullet. Nothing really interesting in it.

Zbra, Slowbro and I were talking about how we should in the future go camping for a week with only one phone for an emergency and food just for the first night. We also said that we would hunt for food and make fire with what the woods gives us.

Just advise from me to you, if you go to Murphy dome bring a jacket or bbrrr, you will be cold.

Murphy Dome

It was our field trip day on a sunny Tuesday. We got on the bus, and it took at least 40 or more minutes. But MK thought of a card game that we could all play; it was called Queens Maid. It was super fun.

When we got there, we went on a trail. On the middle of the same trail, we crossed the train tracks and kept going until we went back to the bus. After that, we took the bus to go to a different spot. After we walked for a long time we all saw it, the big rocks that we could sit on for lunch. When we were all on the rocks we found a geocache with a shotgun bullet, pen, notebook, and a hard blue ball. On the top of the box it said, "I found my thrills on Blueberry Hill," and right next to it was the name and the name was AK Penguin.

When all that was done we went to more big rocks. Then we started to walk back up on the road to the big yellow bus. Me MK and two other friends played Queens Maid. When I got to Denali Elementary we all got on the computers, went to and I am writing for all to see!


Today we went to Murphy Dome. We walked about 5 miles, went to nearly 10 rocks, and stayed there 3 hours. Dylan was my bud. Once we came across a railroad track and I found a rusted nut. I gave it to Dylan for inspection, but instead he threw it to who knows where. I tried to find it, but had no luck. I knew it was a regular nut for a bolt, but I wanted it. It's alright, though. If I had more time, I would have gotten it. Then we had lunch on the rocks and juiced it back to Denali.

P.S., don't yell at Dylan, he just thought it was trash. Although, one man's garbage is another's treasure!

Murphy Dome

The trip to Murphy Dome was fun. We started out riding the bus to the university where we had to let the 5th graders off the bus to their field trip.

We were then taken to this woodsy area. I thought that was Murphy Dome but I was wrong. We walked a long way through moss and bushes. We stopped after walking like half a mile. We ate lunch at these big rocks. I thought we would walk back but, no. We walked almost 5 miles on a trail. I saw a lot of different plants. I never thought I would be so happy going back to school. The walking, to me, was a big pain, but I wish we could do it more at school.

I am Accident Prone

Ever since I was little I have been accident prone. It all started when I was 3. I was at my cousins birthday party. It was at gymnastics INC. and I was on the trampoline and I fell down the wrong way and broke my leg. My mom didn't think I was hurt. She thought I was being grumpy because I didn't have a nap that day.

The next day when I went to go walk down the stairs, I fell down the stairs. My mom saw that my leg was just hanging there and took me to the hospital. Yes, my leg was broken. It broke in half in the middle of my thigh. Fun fact: I had a purple cast.

When I was 4, I was at home and I told my mom was hungry. She made me a sandwich and I ate it. After a while I threw it up. Then I ate another thing and threw that up too. Finally after trying to eat like 5 different things, my mom thought something wasn't right. When we got to the hospital they took x-rays. Then they rushed me to sugery. My appendicitis almost was going to burst inside of me. I really almost died.

The next thing that happened was I had to go to the hospital once when I was 5 and once when I was 6. I went there to have a breathing treatment. I don't remember why, but I did.

The next thing was when I was 7. My mom tied me up in with scarves. We were playing cops and robbers. I was trying to run away. Then I tripped over myself and my head hit the corner of the heater.

My dad was at my uncle's house playing poker. My mom called him to come get me to take me to the hospital. She would have but my sister was a baby and she was sleeping upstairs. When I got to the hospital they just stitched me up and sent me home.

When I was 8 I was playing tag and slipped and broke my arm right up next to the shoulder balde. If I would have broke my shoulder then i would have medal plates in my arm right now. Another time when I was 9 I was outside for recess and Me and my friends were in the softball field. I was standing up and my friend sean tripped me and I fell catching myself with my hands. I ended up snapping my wrist. Ps I had a blue cast.

Finally when I was 10 I woke up and I was really ichy. My dad didn't think to much of it because I'm not alergic to anything. I went the whole day without complaining to much, but later that night we went out to eat. We just got are food and my dad noticed it got worse. He was going to take me to first care but it was past 8o'clock so it was closed. He ended up just taking me to the emergency room. We were there for 4 hours. They took blood test anad DNA test to see why I was covered in hives. Eventully they just gave me some medicine and said to watch me over night the next day I was a little bit better. We still don't know what caused it because it never came back

well nothing has happened to me yet at age 11 and I'm almost 12. Maybe my curse has finally ended.

My Experience

It was a nice summer's day and I was riding my bike on the neighborhood street, when I was almost hit. I was about 7 years old and training myself how to ride without training wheels. My front door neighbor, Mrs.B, was pulling out of her driveway. Well since I was very small, she couldn't see me. The good thing was that my mom was watching.

Standing at the front window of the house, was my mom. She watched as the little pink car, Mrs.B's car, was about to hit me. She bolted out of the house, ran down the stairs, and yelled "Hey!" Mrs. B. was very confused. After my mom had explained to Mrs. B. about the whole thing, she was glad that my mom had stopped her just in time.

Now, the car wasn't going very fast, but it still would have hurt. My mom then put my bike away. She then brought me inside. She started to cry and yell at me, so I decided to go. I got a bag and started to pack up. She came over and was helping me pack!

"You really want me gone?!" I had asked. "No" she said. What she had been doing is trying to make me think so that I would say no and stay. It worked. My lesson was huge. Never hate your parents when they start yelling at you for something YOU did. Trust me, they are trying to help you. OH ya! My other lesson was to ALWAYS look around you when you're on a street, no matter what.

Where's My Inhaler

My learning experience is from having an asthma attack. I had my attack at a friend's birthday party. We all were having a amazing time. Allyn's birthday party was on October 18, 2010. So we were playing tag, and I was awful at it because everybody was faster than me. Then my brother, Malachi, and Allyn, Nathan, Jessica, the other kids, and I were playing Mario Bros.

Then I was breathing really really fast, and my chest felt like it was melting off my bones.

"Mom!" I tried to yell as loud as I can.

Then the ground was spinning a mixture of yellow and purples. I searched for my inhaler and.... It wasn't there! I was in panic mode. I was screaming and gasping for air. So I went to the hospital.

Now I learned to bring my inhaler everywhere I go.

Breaking my Collar Bone

An experience I learned from was when I took off a safety net on my trampoline. I was 5 or 6 when I decided to take the net that catches me if I fall off of my trampoline. I knew from the start it was a bad idea but I did it anyways. I was alone during my session on the trampoline and it was rainy. I also thought it would be a "good idea" to try a back flip.

Of course I slipped and lost my balance when I landed and broke my collar bone in the process. My brother then walked over and got my parents. I was then taken to the hospital. I felt terrible. They took an x-ray of my bones. It almost snapped in half! I had to wear a cast to let it heal properly. I then learned I shouldn't do things that could go wrong without anyone there to help.

Learning from Experience

I was playing with my helicopter one day. Then the helicopter started flying on top of the roof. After a little while I couldn't see it. I went on top of my roof looking for it.

It took me a long time to find it. It was on the the other side of my roof. It was really hard to find it. Only because it is only 1inch and it is black. After that i walked back to the ladder.

I tripped on a rock. Suddenly I started to roll. I fell off my roof! My ankle hurt really bad. I got up. "Ow!"

The next day I ended up with a broken ankle. I learned that day to watch where I step so something like that does not happen again.

Learning from Expierence

I was 2 or 3 when it happened, and it hit me hard. It was a normal day. I was playing with my two favorite toy cars. I was going down the hallway with the cars on the ground, when I slipped. I hit my chin, and there was a huge cut, and it hurt. I was heading to the Fairbanks Hospital with my mom and dad. I went straight to the emergency room to get stitches.

I was super scared. I squirmed so much they had to put me in a straight jacket. When they were all done I got a Popsicle. They all so said that I was a great patient. I learned to try not to be put in a straight jacket and try not to put your face so close to the ground.

Learning From Experience

One day I was sitting on my couch watching T.V. when my brother, Michael, walked into the room. He went to go get something from his room. I followed him to ask him if he wanted to play a game with me. He yelled, "Get out of my room!" and he threw a small ball at me.

I got mad and called him a name (I am not going to tell you what I called him though.) He got mad at me for calling him a name and starting chasing me. He chased me through the kitchen, the living room, the hallway, and the bedrooms. He trapped me in a bedroom. In my head, I was thinking "UH-OH!" Then he hit me on my arm, and and threw me on the bed. I got a bruise where he hit me, but now it is gone because that was about a month ago. Now I know not to taunt my brother anymore.

Card Magician

I was an ordinary boy. Then one day I am the best. I wake up and I head downstairs to meet my mom and breakfast. I finish eating my waffles, and I pack and wait for the bus. I see the bus and I get on it.

Kids are asking me to show them a card trick. They're asking me this because I'm a good card magician. Every day I show people my magic all the time but they don't seem to get enough. That seems bad but its really not. I love showing off my magic but I am really afraid that people are going to find out how to do all my tricks! But I really just care about making people laugh and wonder. When the bus gets to the school me MK and Zbra, talk about new and cool card tricks to do or we just play Queen's Maid. After the bell rings all classes line up to go in school. Mr. Noon, our teacher, says to put our cards and magic doo-dads away for school. At lunch time, I pull out my cards and start showing people some magic tricks until the 1:00 bell rings and we start reading. After school, I go home get a snack and get ready for the next day.

Don't Run on Ice

One day at school I was outside for morning recess. I think I was in 2nd grade, so about 8. I was playing tag with my friends, Sean and Maurice. Maurice was it, and I was running by the fire truck on our playground, and what I didn't know was there was a huge patch of ice right there. I ended up slipping and falling right on my elbows. I didn't really cry; I just whined. Sean helped me to the nurse and she didn't think I was majorly hurt. She thought I was just in shock.

My mom took me to the doctor anyway. Believe it or not, I was right; my arm was broken. I came really close to shattering my shoulder blade and having to have metal plates in my arm. Good for me, it wasn't that bad.

The doctor explained it by saying crushing a soda can (like stomping on it.) The break was too high up so I had to wear a sling. I went back to school that day; everyone was surprised to see me. Sean felt really bad. So the lesson is don't run on ice in the dark in the middle of Alaska's winter.


I don't know what to write about. Mostly because I am better at math than langauge arts. I have never really have been good at spelling or writing. I don't like writing that much. Math has always been my subject that I am good at.

I want to learn how to be good at writing. Whenever I try I fail. So I will just stick to math so I will not become a journalist that fails at writing.

MIKEY HOOKS: the video game controls

Hello, this is Control Freak, and I want to tell you about MIKEY HOOKS. Here's how to play:

You can change your LOOKS and rope by going to the SHOP.

How Was Your Day? Tip

A lot of the time when I come home the same old question rings in my ear. How was your day? My answers are: Good, Great, Fine, AWESOME, Bad, Horrible, Sad, Boring, Or my favorite, Like a day should be.

When I respond as the last one, well let's just say the questions are forever. Why? How? Sometimes the questions come so much that I finally ask the same how was your day question.

Well, I finally get to be the annoying person. My words spill to be, why, why, why, why, why? So I can finally stop the conversation, so just for a tip, then do that.

WHY? Awesome word. ;)

Foxtrot Teaches How to be a Derp lol

How to be a derp. It's not that hard.
Step one: Have your eyes cross eyed.
Step two: Just have this face :l.
Step three: Just space out, and think of stuff and now you're a person who's being a derp.

That's right. Just do these simple steps and you become a derp. And if Durpy is reading this, you are a derp, not in real life but in the world of the internet.

Boy Shoots Window

I once shot a guy's window with a pellet gun because I was trying to shoot a bird. My friend was playing my Play Station 2 and I was shooting at birds. I saw a bird and shot at it but didn't hit it. Well I hit something, just not what I was hoping for.

I squinted my eyes til I could only see the crosshairs. I shot and I listened for a squeal but instead I heard "TSHHHHH". I opened my eyes to see what kind of bird would make that kind of sound but I saw an old man looking like he wanted to shout around the earth ten times. But instead....... He called the police.

Once the police showed up, I knew I was in deep dew. The police man had a shotgun in his hand because the old man said, "Some kid just shot my window out." So I can see why he had a 12-gauge in his hands.

The policeman asked me, "Why'd you shoot this man's window out?"

I replied, "I was trying to get a bird." My mom looked at me like she was about to scold me but didn't, not yet. My mom and the policeman spoke to each other, but faintly under their breath.

The policeman told me, "Promise me you won't do this again." And

I replied, "Yes, I promise. I won't do this again."

Then after a awkward silence, he said, "Thank you......uhhhhh."

I answered for him. "Pedro. Pedro's the name," I said. "Then thank you, Pedro." From now on, I don't try to shoot least not the innocent ones. I ended up paying the old man the rest of my allowance for the rest of the year, $800.00.

The Brucey Drive

I think everyone has done this once in their life, or I hope I'm not the only one.

My family and I were at the gravel pit in Delta on a really, really hot day. I felt like I was going to die, but think about my furry black and brown puppy, Bruce! We decided to go home and eat my mom's homemade fried chicken.

Bruce was hot and so I opened the window all the way down. My mom said don't do that, but by the time the words left her mouth, it was too late. Bruce was out of the window, on the ground waiting for us to come get him. I was sad because I got "the lecture" of what if this happened or if that happened. "I'm sorry that I did it. I thought he wanted to get some wind. I did not know that he would jump out. Or that he would get me in trouble."
Well I said something like that and I didn't get in trouble. Well yay for me.

And by the way that fried chicken tasted great.

My tooth

Ok, I was about 6 or 8 years old and it was late. I was with my grandma and I was at Mcdonald's, the one that was at Lowe's and Home Depot and Petco. I was eating there. I forgot what I was eating. I think I was eating fries and chicken nuggets. I put the chicken nugget in my mouth and I was going to the equipment, and I walked to the equipment. I was close to the steps to go up and my left or right foot got caught. I fell over and hit my teeth. It was so painful, I was crying like crazy. Blood was in my mouth. A lady came over with a napkin and gave it to my grandma. She put it inside my mouth to at least stop the blood. My tooth was crooked.

My grandma took me to my parents. They gave me a pink pill and I closed my eyes and I woke up at some random time. It stopped bleeding. Yay! and my tooth fell out when I was asleep.

Learning From Experience

Once, when I was three, I was playing with a toy. It was just a regular day; Mom was cooking, Dad was working, and Corey, my older brother, was watching me. I was playing near the fireplace. No big deal, if you're not three feet from it. It wasn't on or anything, just close to me. Then in about twenty minutes, everyone came into the living room.

Mom got dinner on movie trays, Dad got drinks, and Corey got me into my seat. After dinner I got down to play. Mom started cleaning the dishes, Dad watched me, and Corey went to do who knows what. Then everyone came to watch me play and to talk to each other.

All of a sudden, I started to cry, Mom came to me and saw that I got a horn. Dad raced to the freezer to get an item called Owie Bear. Apparently, I lost a toy and got mad so I threw my head up and WHAM!!! I had a unicorn horn.

Now I know not to get mad near the fireplace. I had the horn for about two years. Then all it was was a bump of red. Now that I learned that lesson, I will try to never do that again. Also, the smack knocked that day into my head and I will never forget that day.

I Am Small and Funny

I am small and funny
I wonder what it would be like if I was a different animal
I hear animals talking
I see animals everywhere
I want a pet zebra
I am small and funny

I pretend I am a different animal
I feel loved by animals
I touch feathers, fur, and scales
I worry about animal extinction
I am small and funny

I understand unexplained creatures
I say bigfoot is real
I dream of a world with all friendly animals
I try to help animals
I hope animals will never go extinct
I am small and funny

What I Am

I am athletic and beautiful
I wonder what I will do with my life
I hear an angel's harp
I see a knight in shining armor
I want to be successful with in life
I am athletic and beautiful

I pretend I have magical power
I feel a unicorns wings
I touch a wizards wand
I worry about my family and friends
I am athletic and beautiful

I understand how it feels to be sad
I say you have to believe in yourself
I dream I'll have a family of my own
I try to do better in sports
I hope I will be loved
I am athletic and beautiful

Pedro is Fun and Honest

I wonder what the future's like
I hear a Bigfoot screaming
I see a Bigfoot falling off a cliff
I want a penguin

I pretend I'm not at school
I feel anxious to leave school
I touch the Sun and not burn
I worry about my Xbox when I'm gone

I understand my Miranda Rights
I say my Xbox is EPIC
I dream about flying high in the Sky
I try to eat Tomatoes and Onions but fail
I hope I never break a bone

Weird and Creepy

I am weird and creepy
I wonder about the world
I here strang sounds
I see black smoke
I want a flying pony that poops jelly beans
I am weird and creepy

I pretend to be in Fairy Tail
I feel blackness
I touch dragons scals
I worry Slender Men is real
I'm weird and creepy

I understand if I can't have a pony that poops jelly beans
I say the world is safe
I dream of candy land and candy trees
I try to think positive
I hope the end is not here
I am weird and creepy

I am poem

I am loving and active
I wonder how old I can get
I hear animals talking
I see crazy people doing the chicken dance
I want a piranha
I am loving and active

I pretend I'm a street dancer
I feel like Peeta in the Hunger Games is by my side
I touch dragon
I worry about my family
I am loving and active

I understand I'm new at Denali
I say that gods not dead
I dream I'm a pop star
I try to act like I'm pop star
I hope that I will be a street dancer when I grow up
I am loving and active

I am funny and happy

I am funny and happy
I wonder what's going on in the world
I hear a wisp's laugh
I see a mermaids tail
I want to lay on soft grass
I am funny and happy

I pretend to run through tunnels
I feel that pegasus soar in the sky
I touch a unicorns horn
I worry about my grandparent's dog
I am funny and happy

I understand that hamsters are very cute
I say hamsters are cute
I dream I can ride a pegasus
I try to speak my mind
I hope I can run on clouds
I am funny and happy

I Am Sweet Yet Sensitive

I am sweet yet sensitive
I wounder what I will be in the future
I hear dragons dieing in fire
I see dinosaur running around
I want a Pegasus
I am sweet yet sensitive

I pretend that I am flying
I feel the sun
I touch a unicorns horn
I worry that heaven is not true
I am sweet yet sensitive

I understand how hard life is
I say Pegasus are real
I dream that I will be the president
I try to be good in school
I hope I will fall in love
I am sweet yet sensitive

I Am Open Yet Shy

I am open yet shy
I wonder why it's called school
I hear a dragon cry
I want a flying carpet
I am open yet shy

I pretend I can fly
I feel a Pegasus hoof
I touch a chocolate tree
I worry that I am not smart
I am open yet shy

I understand how life works
I say I am a good dancer
I dream to become a dancer
I try to work hard
I hope to own a studio
I am open yet shy