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at my friend's house on the weekends

It was Friday and Alex called me, and asked if I wanted to come over to her house and stay the night. Of course, I went because what was the worst that would happen anyways? We did have fun, but not to spoil the whole thing for you guys, I am just going to tell you that we sat and talked in her garage for a little bit. But when we wanted to listen to music and dance to the beat, she got her iPod and turned off the lights. But before we did that we turned on the ball that lights up on her wall, and then turned off the light.

Then when we got bored, we watched her T.V which was on Netflix. Then when her big sister came home, Alex and I went to her room and watched Aliens in the Attic. It was awesome. But if you are wondering what the movie Aliens in my Attic is, then you would have to buy the movie right away because you would be missing out big time.

Summer Camp

The summer of 2013, I was 10 years old. It was June, and I was going to a summer camp by Lost Lake. My great grandpa was the one who asked me if I wanted to go. I was scared because it was a week long and I’ve never been away from home for that long. That’s why I invited my friend, Hailey to come with me. Me, Hailey, my mom, and her boyfriend all got in the car and drove to Lost Lake.

When we got there, I was scared and upset because there would be no contact whatsoever after my mom left. When she did leave, Hailey and I went to see what cabin we were in. Luckily we were in the same one! We walked down to our cabin with our counselor. Her name was Sunshine. When we got there the cabin had mattresses on the ground for us. There also were 2 rooms. One was for Sunshine and for the other one, we put all our bags in there.

The camp was pretty big. Just a little bit down the road was the showers and sinks. Back up the road was where the indoor bathroom and cafeteria was. There also was the lake in the camp. Also, there was a lot of hiking trails, too.

Every night before we went to bed we would have a snack in the cafeteria. When we would get to our cabin it would be 10:00 P.M and Sunshine would read to us. When Sunshine went to bed Hailey and me would talk for a while and fall asleep. Sunshine would wake us around 8:00 and we would walk to the cafeteria and eat breakfast. Every day was pretty much the same. Every day we would switch off of canoeing and swimming. After swimming we would take showers. Sometimes we would go on hikes or learn survival skills.

Summer camp was pretty fun and I got a lot of good pictures too. But I missed my mom and dad a lot. So on that next Saturday Hailey and I packed up our things and waited outside our cabin. When my mom pulled up to the cabin I was extremely happy. I hopped in the car and drove back to Fairbanks and watched TV. That was my first time going to summer camp.


When you get older you have more responsibilities. I have many responsibilities because I’m the oldest in my family. Some of my responsibilities I don’t like to do like chores, but some I enjoy babysitting. One scary responsibility is taking care of my phone. If I mess up, I lose it. Another one is grades. I have always been a straight A student.

Being the oldest might sound cool but it’s the exact opposite. When you’re the oldest your parents expect you to do more, and set an example for your younger sibling. Some of my responsibilities are cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, dishes, laundry, living room, and my own room. I also have to wake up my sisters in the morning and get them ready for school. When it comes to after school, I walk home and baby-sit my sisters until my dad comes home. On of my fun chores are cooking dinner. I love cooking I want to be a chef some day. I can cook anything from easy frozen stuff to homemade.

One of my favorite responsibilities is babysitting. Ever since I was little I have been more mature for my age. Most of the kids I baby-sit are my dad’s friends' kids, but sometimes it’s family, too. I have no problem babysitting. I love being around little kids. But there are a few hard things about it. One, you have to keep the kid entertained. Two, sometimes it’s hard to get them to listen, “aka” my sisters. Three when they start missing mom and dad. Four, changing diapers, if necessary. But I still love babysitting, no matter how hard it is.

Some responsibilities my dad likes me to do are taking care of my phone and doing well in school. Now for taking care of my phone, I mean keeping track of it and not cracking the screen. Also if he calls and I don’t answer, I will get in trouble for that, too. When it comes to school, I have to keep up with grades and make sure I don’t get in trouble. I have always have great grades. Last report card I had straight A’s. I have been going to the same elementary school since kindergarten and I have never had a DR or detention.

Well what I guess I’m trying to say is when you get older, get ready to do some pretty fun stuff and boring things, too.

My Responsibility

Have you ever handled a gun? Well when I did it was awesome. My dad and I and we were at a firing range at his work. He works at the airport. When we went, there was this big wood wall with targets in front if it, and this little cabin in the middle for people to rest and eat. My dad and I went and he saw his friend, Bob. We went to that little cabin and saw everyone there. First my dad shot his .22, and then he asked if I wanted to try. I said sure. I shot it and I got a bull’s-eye. The target was a head and a torso. I shot the head almost right dead in the center.

Then my dad’s friend came over and asked if I wanted to shoot his gun. His gun was a machine gun. My dad said I could not just spray the bullets I had to shoot, then stop, then shoot until the ammo was gone. It hurt a little bit from it shooting it the way I did.

Then I shot my dad's shotgun. When I shot it pushed me back at least 4 to 5 feet. The kick hurt so much it felt like stabbed through my shoulder. When I shot it, I fell in the mud and got all dirty. Then I had to get all the mud I could off of me.

After that my dad and me got home and watched the video that my dads' friend, Bob took of me shooting the shotgun. My dad had the iPhone 5; the video went in slow motion.

The next time you shoot a gun remember don't land in the mud like I did!

Five Nights At Freddys 2

You need help with these crazy characters. Well this is how to beat these guys.

The Mangle
The way to beat him is when he is at Kids Cove you don't have to watch him, but listen to him because when he climbs into the vents he makes noises. When that happens you must put the Freddy's Fazbear's helmet on to make him go away. If you don't, then he will crawl on top of the ceiling and won't leave until the night is over or until he gets you. If he is on the ceiling then you can't look at the cameras or when you put it down then game over. You also can't try to put on the Freddy Fazbear's head on and try to make him go away.

BB AKA ballon boy
BB is first seen in the gaming room. That is the only room he is visible. When BB laughs or says hi! Or hello! That's when you put Freddy Fazbear's head on. If you don't then he will get into the office and will make it so you can't use the light to the vents. That will leave you waiting for any other characters to take your life. When BB is inside the office he won't leave until the end of the night.

Toy Bonnie
Toy Bonnie is not purple like in the other game, but blue. If you see him in the vents then you most immediately put the on. If you get it on in time then the light will go out and he will look at you and move on.

Toy Chica
She normally is the second character to leave the stage. On the stage she has a beak and cartoon eyes but when she goes to hunt you she takes them off. She is very active the first nights but then the later nights The Mangle takes her place. When you see her you most put on the Freddy Fazbear's head to make her go away.

The Puppet
he comes out of the music box. You most keep winding up the box. If he exapes then he will hunt you down util you are dead and there will be no way to stop him.

Toy Freddy
When you see Freddy you must put on the Freddy Fazbear's head so then he won't enter the office. If you put it on too late and he is in the office then he will forcefully take off the head and end the night.

Phone Guy
No one know if the Phone Guy is on your side or not. One reason why he may not be on you side is that instead of telling you to escape while you can he says that there is nothing to worry about. If you listen to the tape he sounds unsure of himself because he is always stuttering and saying Um every sentence. Plus why would he stay? Some people say that in the second one that after you die you become Freddy and you have to go get some cake for a kid. When you come back there is this purple man, and the children are dead. Some people thinks that the purple man could be the Phone Guy. That would explain why he wants you to stay and why he won't leave, but in the first Five nights at Freddy's you hear him die. Is his death just them covering up that the Phone Guy if a tossed away character that never made the show room. I don't know but the more I think about it the more it makes sense.


Foxy the Fox on Five Nights at Freddy's.
First thing you must know is that you are safe from him the first night. Foxy likes to hide behind the curtain in Pirate Cove. All you have to do is watch him often but not too much. People found out if you don't watch him or watch him too much then he will run down the west hall and into your office. If he does do that there is nothing you can do; he is that fast. If you do somehow manage to shut the door, Foxy will knock on the door and sometimes that will take some of your energy away. Whatever you do, don't open the door. Or it will be the end of your night.

"Now show some respect to these guys. If you had to play the same songs for ten years you would be a bit cranky at night."


There is now a server where you can play
Clash of the Clans. Of course it isn't exactly like Clash of the Clans. In this version you get to build anything you want. The cool thing is you can customize your island however you like and get defenses so no one can raid you. Another thing you can do is buy a shield so no one can get to it.

Just like in Clash of the Clans of the clans you can ally with people or grant them access to your stuff.

There is a place were you can fight the wither with your team. When I say team I mean your class. There is four classes you can chose from. The Elveish class. In the Elvish class you can get better enchantments for your sword and stuff. The Rich class. In the Rich class you get more money when you raid other people. There is a dwarf class that gives you strength. There is one more but I forgot what it was called. The bad thing is that the moder, TheCodyMavorick, made it so only 10 out of 40 can be In one group because everyone would only join his class leaving like no one as competition.

There is also a shop so you don't have to go mining for things that you need to build you fortress. So if I needed stone or cobble stone I don't have to go mining for it. There is also this gate thing were you can hide all of your goodies away and then no one. But you or the people you grant access to can enter. Unless you leave the door open then people will be all in there taking your diamonds or gold. Oh here's a tip, if you do go mining, make sure you get as much gold as possible because in this game it isn't "butter" it is the most priceless thing ever. You need to sell it and you can get like 100 dollars a block.

Five Nights At Freddys

Five Nights At Freddy's is a fun game that has a lot of jump scares.

In the beginning your boss calls and says, "Welcome to the job. There is nothing really to it. Oh you may want to watch the cameras because the stage characters tend to go into this wandering mode at night. If they see you they will think you are one of them out of your exo-skeleton and will try to help you by forcing you into one, and there is lots of wires and stuff in the head so you can imagine what that would feel like. Umm oh yea, don't use the power. You have to have that last till 6."

The controls are simple. There is a camera so you can watch the stage characters inch their way through the building. The other one is a light because apparently there is a huge spot you can't see on the camera next to the door. The last and most important is the door. You can only shut the door when a character is near because you don't want to waste power which you get less of every level. If you do run out of power, you are basically sitting ducks waiting for your death.

That's when everything goes downhill. You look at the cameras and one of the stage characters is missing. It's Freddy. Freddy is a teddy bear with a top hat. You watch helplessly as he gets closer. Then if he gets to the door you slam it shut until he is gone. Then you go through each round. The next round Chica comes out. She is a duck or a chicken with a bib that says let's eat. She is kind of creepy. The next round Bonnie comes out. He is a lavender rabbit. Then the worst one of all, Foxy. He is a broken fox. Foxy is broken because you can see under his exoskeleton. He is the most confusing because there is a place called pirate c
Cove were Foxy hides. If you don't look at him then he will race down the hall and end the night early but if you look at him too much then he will do the same thing. I heard that he says things during hultiations like sorry out of order or it's me. Either way you don't want to encounter this guy.

The one thing I don't get is why would you go back to the pizza shop a second night. I mean you almost died like ten times and you still go back. I guess he is in a dire situation or the pay is like one thousand dollars a night. Still I wouldn't go back. I would most likely have nightmares about them every night. Only of course if this happened to me in real life.


Crazy craft is a mod you can download on you computer. If you don't know what a mod is its a download for Minecraft so you can do more things, like killing the king. The king is a dragon boss with tree heads, and if you do conquer him then you get the prince as a pet. The prince is a super smaller version of the king but just as cool.

The best part about Crazy Craft is that as long as you and your friends have a computer and the mod to can play together If you want you can have your friends be your arch nemesis and and always battle them. Of course if you're going to have enemies you don't want them to find your house because the can steal your stuff. So the modder(that's the person who made crazy craft) put in these blocks that you can't see. Sort of like one way glass but the block you put it next to it automatically looks like it, so then your friends look at the wall that is the secret room and don't know that it is there.

There is this gun called a dub-step gun and while you shoot mobs you can also rock out. Thank notch, that the gun doesn't blow up blocks unless you put TNT in it.

There is tons of super cool things in Crazy Craft. There is even boyfriends and girlfrinds. I guess they just put them in there to be funny.

Oh one more thing before I go, did you know that you can be almost every supper hero? There are Serbian ores you can mine for and then all you have to do is smelt them and go in to the crafting table and use the ores to make armor. Then if you still have some ore left you can make the super hero weapon. Like if you wanted to be Thor all you have to do is make the armor and hammer and then you get all his superpowers.

If you want to hear more about Crazy Craft leave a comment. This is nowhere near a fraction you can do on Crazy Craft. You can even kill Mobzilla, AKA Godzilla .

My Family

I have an odd family, but I love them. Malachi is my brother and he is a pain. He is three years older than me and he is a great basketball player. Malachi was really the only one who knew what I was saying when I was a baby. He always wants to mess with me and make fun of me. My mom is the most special person to me because she gave birth to me. My mom has been there for me since day one and will always have my back. Sometimes I think my mom does a little too much for me. My dad is the person who taught me how to play basketball. He has also been there for me. He takes time from what he's doing and helps me with what I need help with. That's why I love my family.

What I 'm Doing for Christmas Break

What I'm doing for Christmas break is that I'm gong to play basketball. Right after Christmas, I'm going to Anchorage to practice for a tournament I'm playing in, January ninth. I have to play with seventh and eighth grade girls in Oregon. I have to fight for playing time because there are so many girls on the team. If I get to play for the whole game, I will be playing against other seventh and eighth grade girls. The girls and I will talk and have fun. Then after that, I will talk to my friends and family about what I did. I would post stuff on Instagram of my new team and the beautiful parts of Oregon. That pretty much is what I'm doing for Christmas break.


Snowboarding is my my favorite thing to do in the winter. This year I have gone only to Moose Mt. I went two times this season with my grandpa but he skis. I can do some tricks but I am not as good as my older brother yet. Last year I mostly went to Alyeska because it is my personal best to go snowboard on.

How to make french toast


I will talk about how to make French toast. French toast is a really delicious food to make. It is quick and easy. I make French toast to make a French toast when my parents are gone because they are not there to feed me. A purpose for French toast is if you are hungry.

You will need a pan to cook with,A spatula to flip the bread and a bowl to put the eggs in. Now you just need butter, syrup, and eggs.

First you need to set the oven to a temperature to cook the French toast. Then you set a pan on the oven, and wait a while for it to warm up. Now you grab the bowl and crack the eggs, then put the eggs in the bowl. Now you get the bread and dip the bread in the bowl and get the bread full of egg. Before you put the bread on the pan, you will need to butter the pan. You will get the egg covered bread, and put it on the pan and let it cook. Now you will just let it cook for a couple minutes. Then you will need to flip it over so you can cook the other side. Now you are done cooking. If you want to, you can put butter and syrup on your French toast.

My Three Wishes

My first wish would be to go to Vidcon. Vidcon is a event that happens once a year when a bunch of youtubers come and perform and meet all their fans. I really love youtube a lot, so it would be super cool to meet some of my favorite youtubers. Some of my favorites are o2l, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Super Woman, Conner Franta, Yomuscleboii, Miaranda sings, Colleen.

My second wish would be to be smaller. As in smaller I mean shorter, smaller feet, and hands. It is exremely difficult to buy shoes and clothes for me. It literally takes a hour to find 1 pair of shoes that are comfortable fit and I like. another reason why I wish I was smaller is because I don't like towering over everyone. I only have 3 friends that are my height.

My third wish would be to have more freedom. As a kid I do get somewhat freedom but I wish I had more. My dad usually only has one good day a month. That means I have to look out for that good day to ask to do something so he will say yes. Last year I used to do something every weekend but not anymore.I used to go to hockey games, movies, gas station, and the park. Those were the fun days.

If I could have 3 wishes that is what I would wish for. Maybe I should wish for additional wishes?

The Great Evil part one

This is a start to a new story I'm making. Hope you like it.

Chapter One

Once the world was filled with love and kindness for others. Everyone was at peace. No one had a dark day and they had always had a roof over their head. But that was lost. Evil broke from the chains that held it down and searched for power and revenge, Revenge for their destroyed homes and slayterd children.

As the days grew longer darkness grew stronger and the thirst for revenge became more needed. War broke out between the two nations as swords clashed against swords throughout the dead of the night. When the sun rose it sounded a terrible lost and a great victory. The darkness shouted with triumph at their victory and at the great taste of revenge. The world was miserable after that, but some people thought that a hero would rise one day and save them all from the nightmare. But no one did. The small hope that was in people slowly faded away.

I will add another peace of the story next week or so.

Favorite sport

My favorite sport is basketball because it has been in my family for generations. I remember when I first played basketball. I was three and it was my birthday and my dad got me a little basketball play set for kids three and up. So I was throwing the basketball at the hoop but I kept missing it. So I cried and screamed. When I got the hang of it I loved it. Then in kindergarten I played on a team and i like even though I was the only girl. I loved it so much that I just kept playing it.

My brother was the main reason why I played basketball when I was little. I always thought that I would want to be like my brother because he was my leader. My mom and dad played basketball to and i wanted to be apart of that. That's why I love basketball.

I wish I was good at art

I wish I was good at art. I'm very bad at it. I mean, people just say practicing will make me better, but IT DOESN'T!!!! It seems like everyone is way better at art than me, even if it's not their strong suit.

Okay, so you may think I'm just having a pity party for myself don't you? Right? You do, don't you? Well, I'm not! I'm just telling the truth. And as you know, you should always tell the truth (angelic goody-goody voice). I'm just so sad about how I'm not good at art. :( Well, at least I'm good at other things. So, even though I'm horrible at art, I still like to draw. Which is kind of weird since it all turns out bad. Well, thanks for listening to my sorrows, bye!

My Trip At the White Mountains

My trip to the white mountains was fun. Once we got there we unload to go to Moose Creek cabin. Then I had to stay in the car with a dog for over two hours. I played football in the car on my phone. It was kinda fun. Two hours later my mom's friend came and got me. The trip on the snowmachine was at least a hour and a half. It was cold! When we got to the cabin it was warm inside because my mom and brother started a fire. Then we had some soup but I left my spoon at my house so I had to use my mom's spoon. When we went to bed there was big bangs on the cabin and it took a while for me to fall asleep.

The next day I woke up early so I could go bird hunting. It took a while to find some birds. Then out of nowhere I saw a big flock of ptarmigans. My brother and I took a couple of shots at them then they flew away. So we went and chased them down and we found them. I had got lucky and shot his wing with my pellet gun. He could not fly no more. I went and chased so I could catch him and stomp on him. But he was a fast runner. I felt proud of myself when I killed the bird. We went back to the cabin and cooked my ptarmigan and my brother cooked his spruce grouse. It was delicious. Then my brother and I got drove to the truck and stay for awhile. We waited quite a while for my mom to get back. I had fun in the White Mountains.

Faith, And the Secret Door: Part 1

Faith was only five years old when her father and almost her mother passed away. At the time she did not understand that he was gone, but believed he was on a trip. Her young years of childhood was rough as sand paper.

She only lived with her 25 year old mother, Misty. Faith's mom worked at a restaurant- bar. One side family and friends, and the other was a smoke zone with music and parties every night. She worked five days a week. Monday-Wednesday she worked in the restaurant side of the building. Thursday and Friday she worked at the bar cleaning dishes while others where working at the counter. Restaurant hours for her were 11:00am-7:00pm, bar hours were 5:00pm-2:00am. The bar stayed open for a long time. She was payed well and they both lived in a humble home. Until one day.....

It was Saturday and Misty was free of work. Faith and her mother were sitting next to each other on the couch, there was silence until Faith broke it with words. " Mommy, when is my birthday?" After it ringed in misty's ears she was confused and replied with, " What for? School?"

"No, just wondering when I will get presents." Faith smiled as her mom broke into laughter, then her mom looked at her and held up eight fingers. Faith tilted her head in confusion. Then her mom said,"Eight months." Faith nodded and smiled. Two hours later and it was already 7:04. Her mom looked at the clock and said, " One more hour then we go to bed, ok?"

Faith sighed with a pouty lip on her face. Her face was trying to tell mommy that that wasn't going to happen and that she stays up till nine or ten. But of course It was in the nicest way ever. (Not really). Faith made a growling sound at Misty. Misty's eyes got huge and she watched her daughter sitting on the floor sounding like a lion.
Misty laughed and then so did Faith.
Before they knew it eight o'clock was here.

To Be Continued...
Running out of space and I think I wrote to much!

What I like

So this is an entry of what I like. I like a lot of things so I'll just narrow it down to... 5 things that I like! To make it easier I'll do it in groups. Each group will have 5 things I like according to that group. There will also be 5 groups.

Group 1: Animals

Group 2: colors
sky blue

Group 3:food
mac and cheese

Group 4:places
my room
Barnes and Nobles
Old Navy

Group 5: people
friends(lots of them)

Those were the 5 groups of things I like! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! By! ;)

What would you do in the Zombie Apocalypse

If and only if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, I would go steal a semi truck and go get all my friends and their families (dogs too). Then I'd go get food, gas, water and ammunition to defend ourselves. After that we would travel around raiding stores until super smart scientists found a cure for the zombies. Or at least hoping they can find a cure. If they do, we would happily ever after, but if they don't then we will still live happily ever after, but as a zombie.

Whats your favorite sports game in the world

Hey you, that's right, you. Now that I have your attention, I'm going to ask you one question, and one question only. What's you're favorite sport? My favorite sport is basketball. It's really fun. I'll tell you about the game. First you have to pick a team if you're the captain of a team, but sometimes your coach chooses the teams. Then comes the jump. Two players jump for the first ball of the game, and then if you or your teammate catches the ball you could either have the ball passed to you, or you pass it to someone else. Now if you have it, you have to dodge players and shoot it into the basket. If you do that, you earn a point. That's all I have for this time. Remember, tell your favorite sport in the comments below, and as always have a good rest of the day.

A Word For Me

A word that describes me is original. I think I am original because I am different than others at some moments and just like them at another moment. Some things that I do that are different are that I think about a lot of weird things, like why is a tree called a tree and not a bike. I also enjoy making creations out of duct ape, like purses, wallets, bows, backpacks, phone cases. Another thing is i am the oldest in my family and I have 3 younger siblings. Jenna(9) Kendra(5) Nathan (1). So since I'm the oldest I love babysitting and playing with little kids.

Now I'm not all that different. I like doing things that other people enjoy. I love to hang out with friends and laugh. Playing sports is a big one. I've been playing softball for 7 years straight, and I LOVE it. I also like to play around with makeup and hair. Another thing I like to do is swim, whether it's at a pool or at a lake. I also love to sing. I can remember lyrics a song in about one day. So that's why I think I'm original.

Pokemon Omega Ruby

I love Pokemon. So why not write about the newest game that came out, and that I have? When you start, you are moving to Littleroot Town. It's a nice town, and even the professor of one of the Pokemon regions lives there. When you're in the moving truck, you have a PokeNave in your hands, and it asks you my favorite question of all questions, "Are you a boy or a girl?" It really says that, and it's my favorite question.

When you get there, your mom shows you your new house. When you get in your house, two Machokes [Machokes are Pokemon] are bringing your boxes in the house. Then they leave, and your mom tells you your dad left a clock, so you have to set the clock. It does not set to the actual time, so it's random. The only Pokemon game that you have a dad is the one I'm talking about, and he's the 5th Pokemon gym leader.

Then you go outside, and go to your neighbor's house. The lady inside is your rival's mom. She says to go upstairs. When you go upstairs your rival will be there. When you start the game, if you pick a boy for your character your rival will be a girl, and her name is May. If you pick a girl for your character your rival will be a boy I forgot what his name is.

Then you go outside, and head for route 101. When you get past the gates, someone yells, HELP ME! So you run to the professor, which is your rival's dad. He has a bag with papers, and Pokemon in Poke balls. He tells you to grab a poke ball, and battle the wild Pokemon. You look in the bag there are three Pokemon. One is a fire type named Torchic, a water type named Mudkip, and a grass type named Trecko. I picked the Mudkip. I battled the wild Pokemon, and WON! After that he says thank you, and he lets you keep the Pokemon. I nicknamed it Kippy. That is your guide on the beginning of Omega ruby, and Alfa sapphire. If you want to get it first get the 3DS than buy one of the games!

A Week In Disney Land

Have you ever been to Disney Land? I have. It is so fun there! In Disney Land I got to go on lots of rides, I got to go in an underwater tube that you walk through, and I even got to get a picture of me riding a dinosaur. What they did to get the picture of me riding the dino is that they put me on a seat sitting in a certain position and they added a picture of a dino to it and it looked just like I was riding a dinosaur. The tube that I walked in was awesome! There were sharks and lots of cool underwater animals on the outside of the tube. My favorite ride that I went on was called the tower of terror.What the ride would do is lift you up in an elevator then the whole thing would just drop. One ride that remember the most of is a roller coaster that was really long and it looked really fun. The reason I remember it is because I was an inch to small and my brother got the front seat. I was really depressed but I got over it when we went back to the hotel to play in the pool. That was pretty much my whole vacation.

My Basketball Season

I have played basketball for a very long time so I want to tell you what I did this year for basketball. I have won for four years in a row. I have been undefeated this year. My teammates I have known for a long time. My mom has been my coach for ever and I love it. I love to play against my friends every year. Basketball is the greatest sport for me. Sometimes I love to see the other team lose. I can't wait for next year, so I can play again.

How to Make a Turkey Sandwich

Have you ever wanted to make a turkey sandwich? First you need bread any type of bread,you also need turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and any condiments you like. First you lay out the two peaces of bread.Then you put the condiments on the bottom piece of bread. Then you put on the turkey on the bottom peace of bread.After that you put the cheese on the turkey. Put the tomato and lettuce on the cheese. If have mustard or ketchup or any other condiments, put it on the tomato and put the top piece on.

Whats your favorite subject in school?

Hello I'm Ddude, and I am going to ask about what is your favorite subject in school. Well tell me in the comments, what's your favorite subject or subjects in school? But for now I'll tell you about my favorite subject in school is math and gym, but I also like writing. Well I pretty much like every subject but music, so in the comments tell me, whats your favorite subject?

My Mute Chihuahua

So did you know I have a pet dog; its a chihuahua, and it doesn't bark almost at all. It's a dream dog. You can hold him. His name is Mojo. He is brown and gray. Also he is 7 years old. My favorite thing about him is he always follows me to my dad's in North Pole to my living room were I watch horror movies while he sits on my lap. He is a royal dog but some times he can be annoying like when he wants to go outside when he just went outside 5 minutes ago, or when he gets in the trash and goes to my room with it. We have another dog; she is 14. She adopted Mojo when he was little. By the way, her name is Elli. She is a golden brown german shepherd and blue wheeler mix. She is our guard/teddy bear dog. When Mojo was little we had an owl on a tree so Elli protected Mojo from it and she kinda showed Mojo it wasn't scary at my house. Well this is my dogs for you.