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Tell the Raven is a community writing project for Mr. Noon's sixth-grade class at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Louie Is My Boy

My favorite dog is a beagle, I have one at home and his name is Louie. I know I talked about him a while ago but I love him so much I'm going to show you a picture of a dog like my cuddle, loving, cute, baby Louie.

This looks exactly like Louie with the big brown chocolate eyes, big ears like airplane wings, and he is the most lovable creature in the world.

Come on baby, just one more kiss...

My Headphones!

Last Friday was my birthday. My dad got me these really cool Dr. Dre Beats for me. I have wanted them for a long time, since last Christmas. They are green with an aux cord connected to them to make sound through my phone. My dad said that they cost a lot of money but he would still get them for me. When I first saw them in the commercial, I fell in love!

They were so beautiful! When I put them on my ears they were so loud. And since I have songs on my phone that have a lot of bass, I like to turn the volume up really loud! Here's a picture of them.

Beats by dre studio KryptoNate


Today the sixth graders went to James C. Ryan Middle School. That's what sixth graders have to do when they’re about to go to middle school.

We took the bus on our way to James C. Ryan middle school. Every body was excited to go in to a middle school because we’ve been in elementary school for seven years every body listened like if a dog was getting yelled at. Our conselor was very proud. We had to fit two and a half classes on a bus. When we arrived there was a billboard that said welcome sixth graders. We were all kind of shy. When we walked in, there were people holding signs and clapping but there were only like five to ten doing that. We went into this room there was a jazz band that played music for us. In the cafeteria there were these sixth graders who just kept coming and coming. Then they played a video.

We talked about the kinds of clubs they have, how many classes, and when the school lunch period is. There are only two grades in middle school, seventh and eighth grade. Ryan Middle School even has a theme song called The Chicken Dance that you have to know before you go. The school is like a huge, yet small square.

There are a few things different from elementary school and middle school. In middle school there is no eating in one classroom with twenty-something students; you eat in a gigantic cafeteria all at once! Also, in middle school, you only have your lockers, but in elementary school you had your desks.

I'm so excited for middle school. The part I am most excited for is Home Economics because I like cooking. I wanted to try something new and learn how to cook. My parents said I had to take that class, and I’ve wanted to take that class for a very long time.

Once you get to middle school they'll have lots and lot of talking and students. There will also be a video about the teachers, and how to make friends. There are only two semester classes that are two semesters long. These are the Extended Learning Program, Art, and Introduction to Computer Skills, Choir, and Drama. Then you have one-year classes like Varsity, Band, and Intermediate Orchestra.

Every seventh grader must take the following classes; English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Health, P.E., and an Elective. If you don’t turn in your work on time the principal will have you come in on another day to catch up on your work, guess what day that is? Saturday! That’s what you’ll have to do if you don’t get your work done, otherwise you’ll fail and get held back. Trust me you don’t want that.
If I had to choose I would choose; Art, Home Economic, Drama club, choir, Journalism and Publication.



One of the video games I enjoy playing on the Xbox 360 console is Terraria. Terraria is 2d side-scrolling adventure game full of ruthless monsters, helpful resources, protective armor, extreme biomes, and dangerous weapons. The farther you advance in this game, the harder it becomes. In my opinion it is one of the best games on this very planet.

In the beginning, you are transported to a randomly generated 6-bit world with only a copper short-sword, a copper pickaxe, and a copper axe to survive. To obtain better resources and weapons you must explore your world, raid chests, and fend off ruthless mobs. To start, you'll probably want to chop down some trees with your copper axe to make a shelter for the night. Once you have that done you can mine for precious ores and jewels to smelt at your furnace and build a better pickaxe, axe, and sword. Finally, you can explore your world, but be careful at night and be sure not to wander into the Crimson or Corruption, for terrible monsters will attack!

Once you've obtained the best resources you can obtain and are ready for a more difficult level of play-style you can face the boss of the Underworld, The Wall of Flesh. Defeating this gruesome boss will transport you to hard-mode and bestow you with a hammer powerful enough to destroy demon altars. Hard-mode is much more difficult than easy-mode. There are harder enemies, bosses, and ores.

One of the fiercest bosses in hard-mode is Plantera. Plantera is a pink flower with sharp spikes protruding from its venomous vines. To summon this beast you must first destroy a Plantera Bulb hidden in the Under-Ground Jungle. When you work up your courage and destroy this boss you will be awarded a Temple Key which gives you access to the Lizhard Temple. In the Lizhard Temple there are many threats such as Flying Snakes, Lizhards, and the Golem boss.

After you feel like you've mastered hard-mode there's not much else you can do. One of the things that I do once I've mastered hard-mode is create a brand-new character. The fun is endless with Terraria! Why don't you take it for a spin?!


Here is some game-play of Terraria. Pretty cool huh?

My Bird Butter-Ball

Earlier this year, I acquired a new pet cockatiel named Butter-Ball. She's a rambunctious little bugger, but she can also be pretty sweet. She enjoys neck rubs and kisses, but only from me. She despises my mom and brother.

Butter-Ball has many things that make her who she is, and one of those things is her appearance. Butter-Ball's feathers are white, gray, and yellow. She also has vibrant orange cheeks that are so cute I just want to squeeze her to death. Her feet are scaly and bony and designed for climbing and perching on trees. Her beady eyes are brown and glossy with great big pupils smack dab in the middle. Although she has many features, the best perk of Butter-Ball's appearance is definitely her funny little mohawk.

Another characteristic of my cute little Butter-Ball is her one-of-a-kind personality. She is a little shy and loves her own personal bubble. Although, if you penetrate her personal space, she will show her vicious side and attack! Don't worry, when she bites, she doesn't bite hard. She also has a playful side which shows when she whistles to you and chatters like a broken record. Overall, she has a pretty great personality, just be careful to not intrude into her little area!

Butter-Ball is one of the pride-and-joys in my life and I love her to death (not literally). Right now I can't wait to come home and see the sweet lil' thang and give her a nice little neck rub! She's the best!


One summer I went to 8 mile with my two cousins, Shawneen and Madison. We went with 4 other kids, too, and our nana. We were supposed to go to Salmon River, but it was too far, so we just stayed in 8mile. When we got there, me and Shawneen and Madison cleaned the house up. It was so messy, it had dead bees and ants and all that. We sweeped it all up. Then we cooked outside. We ate moose soup. Shawneen's nana cooked it on the wood stove. After we finished we played for awhile outside. When we got tired, we got our sleeping bags and we set up the tent in the house and then fell asleep.

The next day, we had breakfast and then played out more. Then we set up the swimming pool because the river was still too high to go swimming. We had to use the river water because we didn't have running water out there. We went swimming for awhile. There was this boat that was on the land, and it wasn't like stuck. That boat rocked back and forth. I got in the boat and started rocking in it. It was fun to play in and all the kids laughed and enjoyed it. Then we had dinner. We had duck soup for dinner that night. After dinner we went for a walk. We walked to the meadow. When we were walking, it was all muddy and too much water, so we walked in the mud and water. We were wearing flip flops, too. Sometimes we just went through the bushes. When we got there, we saw a frog jumping around. Then we lost that frog. After we found that one frog we found a lot more. I was too scared to catch any, but then I ended up catching them. We used someone's hat to put the frogs in there. We counted them up and we caught 15 frogs. Then when we walked back I was wearing Shawneen's messed up flip flops. Then this one part broke off, so I said, "Can I have my flip flops back?" So she threw one off and it landed by me. Then she threw the other one and it hit me in the face on my nose. Then when we were walking back, I just took off the sandals and walked through the mud and water. When we got back, I started bleeding in my nose because of Shawneen.

Then her nana asked what happened. I didn't want Shawneen to get in trouble so I said that I just get hot in the summer and get a bloody nose. Then she said, "No. I watched what she did to you; don't lie." After that we cleaned our feet because they had mud all over them. Then we changed our clothes because of the mud. When we were done we just talked and cleaned. Then we went to bed.

When we woke up, we had breakfast. Then we played with the kids. After that we put more water in the pool so we can swim better. Then our cousin, Chad, came to 8mile. He played in the swimming pool with us. We were spraying water on him with the noodle part of the swimming pool. We were chasing after him and trying to push him into the water. Then we just got out. All the little kids went to bed and just the 3 of us stayed up. We ate a couple snacks and played truth or dare. Then we drew. Later we just got in our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

There is more, and we did stay for like 2 weeks, but it's too long to write about. So I'm just going to end it. The End

the girl

Don't bully.

One day there was a new student, and she was very cute in every way. Her name was Pat. There was three girls and they were very mean. When they say the new girl they planned to be mean to her. All of the boys liked her. She had all of the attention and she had a lot of friends.

The three girls planned to ask her to a sleepover and be mean to her. The next day they asked her but she said no thanks. She had planned to go to her boyfriend's house. The boy that she was going out with was one of the mean girl's old boyfriends.

Pat's birthday was the next day and she was very happy. Pat had got a new computer. Pat went to school so happy. Everyone was talking about a new app. It was a talking app where you can text your friends on a computer.

Pat went home and got the app. She was texting her friend and all of the mean girls asked to be her friend. She said yes. The mean girls starts to say mean things on the app and it is not good things.

The next day all of the people in her school saw the things and they were all mean to her. Her boyfriend broke up with her and all of her friends were not her friends. They called her fat and geek and more. They all were mean and they did not let her go away. She was very sad when she got to school she had no friends and she had nobody on her side. She got a grip and
one day she told her mother and her mother did all that she can, and it all stopped.

She is now doing good and she is in home school and happier than ever

Might be the best week ever!!

4-7-14 Monday... This Friday me, my sister, and our Auntie are going to the movies to see Rio 2. I think I will like it because the first one was funny. After the movies we all are going to Shogun to eat there and we can watch them cook in front of us. I will be like, "Wow that is so cool." And after that me and my sister are going to our cousin's house to spend the night. It will be the best sleepover ever. We are going to have so much fun. We might spend the night two nights in a row. I don't know, we might. If we are, I'll be so happy.

On Friday I might be so stupid because we always act hyper and get crazy. A couple weeks ago my sister spent the night with our cousin and I called them. I could tell they were crazy because they were laughing in the background and I was sad because I could not spend the night. Me and Savannah were out and about at the movies. It was so fun, and my gama was worried because I was out till 11:00.

But it is now hump day and now it is so close to the weekend, I'm so happy I can sing the song happy:). But it is still hump day. I'm too sad because it is not the week-_-. I like the popcorn at the movies because it is better than the store bought ones. It tastes way better. I like it so much I will eat a whole bag if I can. Oh I also forgot; I also like the school popcorn. It is Thursday and it is tomorrow; I will be so happy!

MY First Stratego Game

EPiLOGUE: Stratego is a fun strategic board game in which the Marshall is the most powerful piece. Two years ago my sister challenged me to a battle of wits in the form of Stratego. Being not a very optimistic person, I shouted "No!" although she convinced me that my sheer wit could beat her more offensive strategy. So we began a cunning battle of strength between siblings.

The battle began. In many a brilliant and brutal duel I beat her by sheer force of will. But, horribly, my sister planted a mine field which is when one's army is surrounded by bombs. I was left in tears. My army was brutally decimated. Tens of good men lost, but there was one left, the Marshall! I was ecstatic!

I whipped myself into shape and courageously sprang into action. With my Marshall I eradicated three-fourths of her army. She glared at me angrily. Game over. I was killed by a sergeant. I was both proud and discouraged.

When it was my birthday

When it was my birthday I was so sad everyone forgot, and I got no presents. But my mommy got my a really pretty bracelet and necklace. My mom's boyfriend got me a really pretty birthstone necklace; it was a little heart and it was green.

My gamma said that I might have my birthday at a hotel but it might be too much money. If I have my birthday at a hotel it will make me the happiest girl at the party. I will invite all my friends and we will go swimming the whole night and we will go on the treadmill and go to the computer room and go on the computers and it will be super fun. I might also invite some of my cousins too.

So when I have my birthday I want it to be perfect and I hope my gamma has a lot of money during my birthday so we can rent two rooms so the parents can stay in one and the other room can be for the kids. Yay. So I really hope my gamma has a lot of money.

The Retainer

On January 2nd 2014, I had to get a retainer. I HAD to. It was for my braces. But I was really scared because I thought it was going to hurt. When we got there I stood at the door just staring at it, and all the sudden BAM! My mom pushed me in the door. Remember that I said I was scared? Well now I was FREAKING OUT! They called my mom in to talk about the retainer. While she was talking to him I was sitting in the chair and I couldn't breathe at all. Then I finally just said to myself, "I CAN DO THIS!" Dr. Henry called me in and showed me where to sit, and told me what to do which was just lay back and close my eyes. Then that's what I did. Then I heard a done and I open my eyes and I felt the retainer up on my mouth. I was SOOOO happy when I was done. I ran out of the building and screamed of excitement and skipped all the way to the car.

Surprising Accomplishment

One time I was at the fair with my mom and brother and sisters. I was in fourth grade and it was August something. We were about to leave until I made up my mind. I saw this ride that I wanted to go on. It was called The Apollo. I told the guy that I wanted to get on. He said, "Are you sure?" I said yes. He said that because that ride was the 2nd most scary ride.

So we got in line, and then we gave them our tickets. I had to get measured to see if I was tall enough to get on. I was. So we found seats and they buckled us and closed the gate. We had to wait for more people to get on. Then it started moving.

I started to get scared and exited at the same time. I was scared because it goes high up and upside down. I was excited because it was the famous ride that year. Like on the third round going upside down, I was going to cry. I told my brother and he said to put my legs under the person's chair in front of me. Then it was one more round and it was done. When I got off I told my brother that I wasn't going to get on that ride again. Now I'm in sixth grade and I still, well I have got on it last year but I chickened out. :) The End

My Surprising Accomplishment

About 2 years ago, I decided I’d learn how to surf. We were going on vacation to Maui soon, and I wanted to be prepared. So, my mom and I concocted a master plan.

First, I grabbed my surfboard. Next, we readied the Jet Ski to pull me across the gravel pit I live by. Finally, we headed to the beach and Mom prepared me by teaching me the basics.

“Okay Mu,” my mom said, “When you get out there, make sure to keep your knees bent and about 2 feet apart.”

“Yes ma’am!” I replied as I practiced keeping my knees bent on the beach.

“Also, this isn’t like the ocean, Matthew,” my mom warned. “In the ocean you’ll need to actually catch your own waves and you’ll need to watch out for coral and other threats.”

“I’ll learn about that in Maui,” I replied, a little worried. “For now, let’s stick to the basics.”

“Ok, are you ready?” mom asked.

“Yep!” I answered with a big empty pit in the bottom of my stomach. I was beginning to regret this.

I got on the surfboard and waded into the cold lake water. Mom hooked me up to the Jet Ski and we were all ready. I was really scared, but I knew if I wanted to surf in Maui I would need to learn here first. The Jet Ski then thundered out into the lake until the rope pulled taunt.

“Let’s do it!” my mom screamed as she ripped the throttle and sped out into the lake.

Just as my mom told me, I kept my knees bent and about 2 feet apart. I couldn’t believe it I was surfing! This was an amazing accomplishment and I was now ready for some great fun on Maui!

my surprising accomplishment

I am going to tell you about the time when I went through my fourth year of soccer in 2012. When I was six years old, I really wanted to play a sport, so I chose soccer. Big mistake.

You see, ever since then, my mom signed me up for soccer every year, and every year I hated it. Every year, it drug on and on. I would have sneaked away if my mom wasn't there for my practice. When my mom first signed me up, I thought it would be fun. I soon found out I was very mistake; it was just as boring and hard as the year before, and before, and you get the point.

I felt like I wasn't going to make it with all the running and annoying teammates. By the end of soccer I was overjoyed. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was also happy when my mom never signed me up for soccer again.

Going on a pool slide

When I was six years old, I was swimming at Westcott pool. My cousin said, "We're going on the slide."

"Ok, have fun!" I said.

"No. You're coming with us," she said. I was shocked. My mouth felt like it hung open for at least an hour. I knew my cousin knew I didn't want to go, but she grabbed my hand, and dragged me with her.

I was mortified. I watched the gallons of water splash down the slide. I was mostly afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it back to the top of the water. I went up to the "must be this tall" sign. I knew I was tall enough, but I pretended I wasn't.

"Oh man! I'm not tall enough! guess I can't go on," I said. My cousin took me to the sign.

"Yes you are," she said. I couldn't have an excuse now. There was nothing I could do, but go.

I held my cousin's hand as we went up the stairs. Finally, we were in the short line that I wished was long.

"Please don't make me go," I said, admitting I didn't want to.

"Well it's too late now; we're already up here," she said.

I looked down. It seemed like we were above the clouds. My cousin went down the slide. She made it look so easy to go down! Then the person said I can go. I walked up to the slide, grabbed the slippery bar, sat down, then let go. I screamed. I closed my eyes for a minute, then opened them. I loved the feeling of the warm water pushing me down. I swirled, and drifted, and spun, then I fell into the water. This was the scariest part. Would I be able to make it up? I pushed, and pushed. My arms and legs were getting tired, but then I made it. I gasped from holding my breath so long. I couldn't believe it! I really did it! And that was the time I overcame my fear.

My Amazing Feat

When I was four years old my cousin was teaching me how to drive a four-wheeler and I doubted myself. It was a nice day out in Rampart, a village where my mom was born. And I've always wanted to drive a four-wheeler, so I asked if my older cousin could teach me. He said yes, and I was happy. I got on my shoes and went out the door.

At first, he gave me a ride while telling me what were the throttle and what were the brakes. After the ride he let me try, although I went too fast and he nearly fell off. He afterwards told me to not push the throttle too hard, but I kept going too fast. So I then gave up and went to play with my other cousin.

So I kept practicing and practicing. Then I finally decided to try it again and I did it! I was able to maintain my throttle without going too fast!

But afterwards it was time to try going up-hill. I would have to be careful to not go too fast or too slow. It was harder than going down-hill, because when going down-hill you barely push the throttle, and so I doubted myself and let my cousin drive.

I kept on trying that same day, and on my third try to go up-hill, I did it! So even though I doubted myself I still became a natural at driving. I still drive my mom and brother to places whenever I'm in Rampart, every day.

The First time I rode A bike Without Training Wheels

The first time I rode a bike without training wheels I was at my sister's friend's house and she had a bike that had no training wheels so I rode it, and I can ride a bike without training wheels now. I went off the bike and went to my grandmas's house and asked my grandma's friend if he can take the training wheels off, and he said are you sure? I said yes, so he took them off with a wrench. When he was done I started riding again and now I can ride my bike anywhere. I sometimes ride it around the block near my house with some of my friends.

It is really fun! Now I can ride my bike anywhere in the summer with my friends. That is how I accomplished something.

P.S Try not to fall off when you try to ride a bike without training wheels.

Marshmallow Sandwich

When I was at my grandma's house I got hungry, and I wanted some sweets at the moment also. So I asked my mom if we had any leftovers from my brother's tenth birthday party. She said yes. She checked to make sure we did. Then she asked me, "Do you want S'mores?" I said yes, bouncing up and down with happiness. We had everything; all you need is graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, and plates.

Would you like to learn how to make a marshmallow sandwich?
GREAT!!!! You grab two pieces of graham cracker, put the marshmallow on there, and put the chocolate on there. Mash it down gently. Put it in the microwave for thirty seconds. Take it out and test it to see if that it's how you like it. Then enjoy.

When I ate two it was okay I guess. After I ate them I decided to make my own S'mores, because I didn't really like the first one my mom made. So I took the chocolate off, and left everything else on there. And guess what? SHABAMO! I invented a new snack. After you heat it up it's like a fluffy pillow. UHHHHH1 It's so delicioso. Well I'm starting to get hungry; bye!

how to make brownie cookies

I am going to tell you how to make brownie cookies. I love this snack because I can eat brownies, and cookies at the same time!

Here are the supplies that you will need-
*A large bowl
*Large pan

And here are the ingredients-
*4 eggs
*Brownie mix(I usually make it from scratch, or buy 2 boxes.)
*Cookie mix(I don't make this from scratch, the one I get is already made.)

So now we can make it! First, I crack the four eggs, and put them in the large bowl. Then, I pour in a 1/8 cup of vegetable oil, and a 1/8 cup of water. After that I pour in the brownie mix. I stir it until it is nice and creamy. Now I just leave the brownie mix aside. I open the cookie mix that is already made, and get it ready to spread on the large pan. Now I take the brownie mix and spread some of it on the pan.(Do NOT cover the entire pan with the brownie mix!) Then I spread some cookie mix on the pan.(Do NOT cover whole pan with this mix either!) It is probably best having the brownie mix on the edges of the pan, and the cookie mix in the center. Now it is ready to go in the oven! I set the temperature at 350 degrees, and cook it for 30 minutes.

Once it is done, I stick a toothpick in it to make sure it is moist. If it isn't, Just cook it for a few more minutes. Then I pull the pan out and let it cool for 15 more minutes. Then, cut it up with a knife, and your treat is ready to be served!

how to make cotton candy

What I'm going to help you make is cotton candy. Cotton candy is so fun to make and is cool too. Cotton candy is fun to do with family and friends. Cotton candy is a good and fast thing to do.

First you have to get sugar and flavor together and in a bowl.
Then put it in the machine.


you have to put the stuff from the bowl to the machine and let it get hot. Then you have to grab n stick and the cotton candy is going to make itself.


you have to put the stick in the cotton candy machine and the cotton candy maker will start to form a web and you have to make the stick go around and around the cotton candy.


the cotton candy will get so big that you will need a new stick and you keep on doing this til you get to how you want it and you eat it, and I think that you will like it.

and that's how you make cotton candy :)

Mango Chips

I'm going to tell you how to make mango chips. Every night I make mango chips for the next morning. When I wake up I have to race my brothers to the chips if I even want some! Mango chips aren't just good tasting; they're good for you!

Here are the supplies you'll need;
*A Topchips chips-maker
*Food slicer (Mandolin)

The ingredients you'll need are;
*Seasonings (I prefer sugar or no seasoning at all)

Now you're ready to make mango chips!!
1. Cut off the peel of the mango (try not to cut too far into the mango, or you won't get many chips.)
2. Use the mandolin to cut the mango into skinny slivers.
3. Put the slivers of mango onto the chips-makers.
4. Put the chips-makers into the microwave:
1,000 watt microwave= 4 minutes in the microwave.
850 watt microwave=4 1/2 minutes in the microwave.
750 watt microwave= 10 minutes in the microwave.

Make sure that the mango chips are nice and crispy!! I hope you like the mango chips too! You can also make other chips out of fruits and vegetables. :)

How to Make Scrambled Eggs and Cheese

I'm going to tell you how to make scrambled eggs and cheese. I personally like this meal because of how how the eggs make it taste.

You will need a mixing bowl, a fork, a plate, a spatula, a cooking spoon, a pan, a cooking surface, eggs, milk, grated cheese, and butter.

First, you crack open your eggs and put it in the mixing bowl. Make sure that there is no eggshell pieces in the bowl. Then, pour in the milk and a small handful if cheese in the bowl. Now, get your fork and mix up the eggs, cheese, and milk. When your whole mixture is done with no insinuation that there is any unmixed eggs, your mixture is done. After you're done mixing your ingredients, turn on your cooking surface to medium heat. After that, put the pour on your heat surface. Put a tablespoon of butter into the pan. Once the butter is completely melted, pour your egg mixture into the pan. When you're done with that, get your spatula and move around the eggs in the pan. You'll know that they're done when the eggs aren't liquidy any more. A way you can tell if the eggs are burnt is if they are black or brown.

And that's my recipe, I hope you have fun, and enjoy making and eating your scrambled eggs and cheese.

Mac and Cheese!

When I get hungry I make mac and cheese for my brother and I. I like it because it's really good and easy to make. I hope you like it!

What you need to make mac and cheese is a pot, spoon, bowl, and a strainer. The ingredients are cheese, noodles, milk, and the butter. There is a harder way to make mac and cheese, but it's my mom's secret mac and cheese.

First, you get a pot and some water and wait until it's boiling. Second, you put the noodles in and wait until they are soft. Third, when the noodles are all soft you grab the strainer and put it in the sink and then put the noodles in the strainer and then put the noodles back in the pot. Forth, you put the cheese, milk, and the butter in and stir in until it's all creamy. Finally you grab your bowl and spoon and you put your mac and cheese in the bowl.

It's really fun to make and it's really good! Whoever is reading this, I hope you can try it and see how GREAT it is. Like I said earlier, there is another way, just harder to make.

How to make a little pizza

This is a easy snack to make, so it shouldn't take that long. I'm going to tell you how to make a little small pizza. This little snack is a pizza. I think this is good because the sauce and the cheese taste good together.

The supplies you're going to need for this snack is a plate, butter knife, and a microwave that works. The ingredients you need for this are shredded cheese, bread, sauce, and pepperonis.

Ok now that we got all the stuff, let's get started. First of all you grab the plate and put the bread on it. Then get the sauce and the butter knife and smear the sauce all over the bread. After that grab the shredded cheese and sprinkle it all over the top. If you want pepperonis you can put some on there. After put the plate and the pizza in the microwave for two minutes or until the cheese melts. When it's done be careful when you take it out; it might be very hot. After that, you can enjoy your meal. :)

How to Make C-Milk

C-milk stands for caramel milk. I make C-milk every Friday when I get home from a long day at school. C-milk is a delightful treat due to it's rich creamy smoothness and light taste. After I tell you how to make C-milk, I'm sure you'll want to make it too!

To make C-milk, you will need a cup (preferably big), milk (I use vitamin D milk because of it's richness), caramel syrup, a measuring spoon, Whipped cream, and cinnamon powder. You will also need something to stir your concoction with. A spoon will work. After you have all the supplies you need, find an area that you can clean easily, and begin creating your masterpiece!

To start, you will need to fill your cup of choice about a quarter full with whipped cream. This will add a sense of creaminess to your C-milk. Next, you will need to fill the rest of the cup with the milk you've prepared to add a liquid component to your C-milk. After that, fill your measuring spoon with a teaspoon of caramel syrup and dump this into your milk mixture. Make sure to get rid of all the syrup. Then, add a pinch of cinnamon to your concoction and stir until liquid is smooth and creamy like egg-nog. Finally, you may consume your delightful masterpiece.

So, now that I've informed you on how to create C-milk, you should try it! There's nothing stopping you! Enjoy!

How To make Oatmeal

Hi guys! When I'm hungry I like to eat oatmeal, so I will teach you how to make it. Oatmeal is normally a breakfast food, but I like to eat it at any time of the day. I like oatmeal mostly because it is a fast and delicious meal to make. It also isn't too hard to make. Although when making it, you still have to be careful to not burn yourself.

To make it, you need a pot (not too big), a spoon, a bowl, and a stove. Also, you need oatmeal (not the cooked kind), milk, brown sugar, and water. But if you can't find any of this, ask your parents to buy some next time they go to the store.

When making it, first put your pot with a desired amount of water on the stove and turn the stove to high. Bring the water to a boil, then slowly add oatmeal to a desired thickness. Also a good amount for two servings is 1 cup of oatmeal, and 1 3/4 cup of water. Then let it cook for a couple of minutes, and stir every now and then. After that, put it in a bowl and add brown sugar and milk for a flavor. Stir it, then let it cool, and eat!

Now that I taught you how I'm sure you will want to eat this at any time. So Enjoy!

Matthew's Birthday party

I look forward to having fun at Matthew's birthday party.
I plan on having fun with my best friends. We're going to the movie theater, playing video games, and playing games outside.
The games that we are going to play are Terrira, Marco Polo outside, and Pokemon.

What I think about the Twilight Saga

Not long ago me and my best friend watched all the Twilight movies and here's my opinion on them.

The first movie of Twilight was horrible. I mean, look at Kristen Stewart's emotion through the whole movie. Can't see it? Exactly. She has no emotion whatsoever through the whole film. Not to mention, they really could have chosen a better actor than Robert Patenson. Maybe one that actually looked like a teenager.

So I'm reading the first Twilight book, and I think it's a good book but the movies are just a trashy version of it.

Twilight, New Moon:
I tried to watch the second movie of Twilight, but honestly I almost fell asleep. I figured that this one would be better than the first, and surprise, I was wrong. I believe the only reason they did this movie was because the first Twilight made a lot of money, so they must have figured this one would make even more money. I just have a question for you, why do the vampires sparkle??? I mean, how in any way does that make sense? Also if he sparkles in the sun, lives in the forest, and doesn't eat people he has to be a fairy. Another reason I don't like the movies is because I personally just don't like love triangles. The reason why is because almost all the time I will chose a side, only to be let down when the girl goes with the other guy.

Going to see my Family Again

A year ago I went to Minnesota to see my family. They lived in Duluth but we went to Minnesota so we could meet them there. While we were waiting my family, my mom and I went to the Mall of America. It was the biggest mall ever! It was so big it had a park in the middle of it, and it had restaurants there. The park had a lot of rides like roller coaster and little kiddy rides. My mom's uncle (Uncle Bill) picked us up. It took 2 hours just to get to Duluth but it was all worth it for meeting my family. When we got there the house was 100 years old and my mom's uncle ripped some stuff out of an 100 year old school and put it in the house. The house was so old every step I take makes a creepy noise. I meet a lot of my family, and when I mean a lot, I mean a LOT. My mom and I had to go soon and my family cried and cried and cried. Uncle Bill drove us back to Minnesota and we went to the Mall of America the last time and rode some rides and we had to get on the plane and leave. I hope i can see my family again.


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