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Tell the Raven is a community writing project for Mr. Noon's sixth-grade class at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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All Time Low

I love the band All Time Low. I've been listening to that band since forever. If you don't know what All Time Low is then go on youtube. If you really know me you would know if you've listened to it... I'm thinking about you, Beachfun and Naomi H ;). I think It's sorda funny because the band members are Alex, the lead singer, Jack the electric guitarist, Zach, the drummer, and Ryan the base guitar. I love them.

The middle school

Middle school, after elementary, you head to this vast new place and you wonder what do you do? Well when we first got there we had a short tour. We went around some of the building, but it was confusing. The others got to see more I think. Two differences about the school are you get to eat in the mess hall and there are multiple different choices. And if you want to have more fun you could join clubs. In a video the video editing club made a video of all the fun things about middle school like playing sports and doing different multiple classes.

A bad thing is that last year they stopped selling ice cream and cookies. Cookies!!! Well anyways, I can't wait to go swimming, and to do archery, and try out for the basketball team! Another thing I knew was they have longer class periods. School ends at 4.00 pm. You could help in the kitchen. You can also learn cooking, but it's on Saturday and it's 10:00am to 2.00pm.

Ryan Middle School

Today our class went on a field trip to Ryan Middle School. We learned about what middle school is like and we saw what Ryan looked like. We got to see some of the classrooms. The classes are for each subject and they are big for an amount of kids.

When we got to Ryan Middle School, some of the kids in Denali Elementary got sent with some students from Ryan Middle School. We went to the gym and they were playing and we watched them play. I like the gym because it was much bigger than our gym. We went inside the the band and orchrestra room. It was a cool room. We met the teacher and her name was Mrs. Fisk. The student that was showing us around the school showed us how the lockers look like. I think the lockers will be more protective from students because there are codes. But unless they found out your code! They do art 5s days a week, which is very cool because I think art is fun.

Why Middle School?!

Today we went on a field trip to Ryan Middle School. And we went on a tour in it, and we saw the gym and met some teachers, saw the art room, and band/orchestra/choir room. And we went to the lunch room (I think.) And they showed us a video about the next year.

I learned that Ryan has a lot of clubs, like Catch-up club and Ballroom Dance club, Unicycle club, Choir club, and Band club. I'm going to join at least one of them.

Even though I'm probably not going to Ryan, it's going to be on the top of my list of schools. I'm probably going to go to Effie Kokrine.

My trip to Ryan Middle school

Today my class went to Ryan Middle School. It was a two hour field trip. The thing I think is good is going to school at 9:30 instead of 8:30, so I like that because I hate getting up at like 7:32. I like the food menu because they got pizza, and hamburgers. I like to have pizza and hamburgers. The thing I will miss is recess because you got a chance to have nice cold air and running around, and swing on the swings. The thing I don't like is all the homework you're going to get instead, like 3 papers of homework. The thing I will love to do in middle school is to dissect frogs.

The bad part about going to a new school is that you don't know anyone unless your friends are there. And you don't know where the classes are, not even the teachers. The other thing is that you might get detention for being late for class. Plus the lockers, you might forget your combo number and get locked out of your locker, and you have to get a teacher to help you unlock it. I will miss our desks.

Ryan Middle School

I went on a field trip to Ryan Middle School on April 14th with my 6th grade class. I learned many things there, as well as when school starts, how many classes I will have, and stuff like that. I think the coolest thing about this particular middle school is that I can sleep more. Awesome, right? I am probably going to have lunch almost every day because they have a bigger selection of food at lunchtime. There is a lot of things to choose for electives.

But the thing that is going to be hard is the homework! I am going to have eight individual classes and can you imagine how much homework that is? And worst of all, I don't even know how much homework they'll give me. But, I won't worry about that. The biggest thing is my grades. I am really gonna have to step up on my game because I don't want to fail seventh grade and have to do it all over again.

Okay, now to the important stuff. Oh, I forgot to mention they're planning on making a new Ryan Middle next year. And the cool thing is we get to be the first 8th graders to be in the new building. I used to go to North Pole Middle School, so I am pretty familiar with all the rules and policies. I am already excited just talking about Ryan Middle. The socials are going to be way more fun than North Pole Middle's socials. I am going to join the ballroom dancing or something like that.

Well, before I close up I just am going to tell you that I hope you join Ryan Middle School if you are in 5th grade or 6th grade also. I am pretty happy that most of my class is going to attend Ryan Middle. I can at least have some friends or classmates to talk to. Well, thank you for listening I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year.

Middle School

Today my class, and every 6th grade class in the area went on a field trip to Ryan middle School. It could possibly make my top five field trips ever. When we got there all 6th graders were split into groups of six to take a tour of the first floor of Ryan.

We saw almost every class on the first floor. We saw the art class, math, gym, science, drama, technology, and some we couldn't get to. So when the principal went on the intercom to tell all the groups to come back to the lunch room, we watched what they called a "movie", but really it was a 21 minute long clip that was made by a 7th grader. The principal didn't mention the person's name, but it was fine like that.

He\she interviewed many teachers, and students on what to expect when you go to middle school. They started out with what most of the teachers expect of you. Then it was the students on how fun it is to be in 7th and 8th grades. When it was done two students talked about two subjects you can do in Ryan. One was about the mission to Russia which sounded really fun, so I think I want to do that next year. The next student talked about a club of ballroom dancing. It sounded ok, but I'm not really interested.

I think Middle School will be really fun. The one thing that I can't wait for is you can have your own locker. :) You can also have pizza and burgers every day for lunch, which is really cool, but I like my cold lunch. I don't think there's any down side to Middle School at all. So I'm really exited to go to Ryan Middle School.

My Trip To My Future School

The trip to Ryan was very fun. I think it will be a great school to look forward to.

The things that I look forward to are the lockers. I love how we have our own space and I think the idea of it is cool. I also love how we have bigger lunch options like we can have pizza or hamburger. I also like how they have vending machines. One of my favorite things is the many clubs and activities. I want to join the mission Russia trip to D.C. I also can't wait for the socials and all the spirit days.

The only thing bad is the confusing building and the class schedules.

Of all the stuff I said my favorite thing is I have a chance to meet new people and new staff. I can say this for sure though Mr. Noon is one of the greatest teachers I've ever had.

Middle School

Middle school sounds scary, yet fun. Even though I am (sadly) not going to Ryan, I know that all the middle schools are maybe the same. Visiting Ryan today was amazing! I am so excited to have a locker! I hope that my locker buddies around me are nice. I thought that my experience in Ryan was awesome.

If I was to go to Ryan, then all the 7th graders would be the last ones before the new school is built. Then they would be the first 8th graders in the new school. That's because they are building a new school over next summer. One of the hardest things is leaving and having new teachers and making more or new friends. A good thing is that we get to sleep-in longer! 9:30. But we have 8 different classes each week!

Things will be scary, and things will be fun. For lunch, we will have many more options than elementary school. For middle school, we can play a variety of sports to choose from, and clubs. I'm glad there is no recess! That means I don't have to be outside for 30 minutes in -15 below! I really like that middle school is WAY different from elementary school. I am also happy and excited for socials!

I can't wait! Like I have said before, I am excited yet scared. But I just can't wait for a new start in position of school life. I hope I have a good time in middle school. When you go to middle school, you have to choose wisely over who are the right people to be around. You want to have friends that will understand your personality and not try to change it. Having the right people in your life make everything easier. It will be harder for me (and others), because I am going to Randy Smith, while everybody else I know is going to Ryan. :'( Middle school grades are the hardest grade levels to go through. But if you're smart enough to know... You can make the years easy just by simply trying your best and not to give up. Anyway... :/
If you make good friends.. cool!! Now having a locker will be a whole different thing to have! You have to memorize a combination and remember where your locker is! But hey, don't let ME be the one to get you scared about middle school! (;

Anyway. Middle school will be middle school, and we just have to accept that fact. I can't wait to start! Middle school, here I come!!!!!

Middle School Worries

Middle school is going to be the roughest years of our lives because we have so much to learn and do that we just don't have time for. I think it's going to be rough because some people will try to bully you and you have to defend yourself. Also we have so much homework!

But it could also be the best years of your life because you get to make new friends, and you can try new stuff like travel and visit other places, or learn how to make a awesome movie. Also you can grow and find who you really are, and just learn new stuff.

One of the things for me is that I get to choose what middle school to go to and its a difficult choice. My best friend is going to Randy Smith and so I don't want to leave my best friend but I want to follow my heart<3 but I don't know what my heart<3 wants.

Anyway lets change the subject. There are lots of cool classes we can take and I don't know what one to chose. Plus now we have to remember where all our classes are and our locker combination. Also WE GET SLEEP!!! School starts at 9:30 and ends at 4:00. And we can chose what we want to eat at lunch time. We will also have to learn our new teachers' names instead of just one name.

Still, I'm a little worried about middle school.

Ryan Middle School

Today we went to Ryan Middle School AND there is some good things and bad things about it. One good thing is they have very good food there, and more food. I like that because I never really get the stuff I want at our lunch time. Also another very good thing is that is the gym is way bigger than ours now. That just means it has more room for basketball! I thought there would be less stuff at Randy but actually there is way more stuff. Also, I am kind of nervous about how hard math and that stuff is going to be.

So now here is the bad stuff about Ryan.I will have to adapt to a new building and new teachers because here in Denali I know most of the teachers but there I do not know any. Also there will be more classes, which equals not much of a chance of getting in a class with my friend. Sometimes you need someone to wake you up before the teacher notices. Also there will be no recess, so we can't just talk to our friends and catch up on stuff.

SO those are the ups and downs about Ryan that I know now, but I bet there will be more and can't wait until I get lunch there.

Going to middle school

We went to Ryan Middle School the other day. They told us what middle school would be like. I'm not really looking forward to middle school. The part I'm most worried about is getting lost.
They told us at Ryan that we'd have a lot of fun. We could do a lot of things.

I don't really want to go to middle school. I think remembering my locker and combo will be hard. Also remembering my classes and schedule. I think it'd be really hard to find my classes. And we also have lots of homework and teachers. I just think the change would be hard.

I'm also excited about middle school. At the field trip they said we could do a lot of fun things. I'm excited about orchestra. I guess middle school won't be so bad. I'm excited about the idea of middle school. And we'll have our own lockers! I would like to decorate mine. I'm also glad there won't be recess. I think recess was boring. I guess I have mixed feelings about middle school.;)

Great Things and Fears About Middle School

This is my last year at Denali, and I'm excited and nervous about going to Ryan next year. I'm happy about middle school because I get to sleep in a little bit more than I do now. I get to see my older friends that go to Ryan, and some of my favorite teachers go to Ryan. I can do a lot more sports like basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. The most exciting thing about going to middle school, period, is the social because you get to dance with your friends after school. I finally get to have my own locker instead of a small cubby, and I don't have recess.

I'm a bit nervous about going to Ryan, though, like how much homework will I get, and if the teachers will like me. I'm afraid of what happens if I forget my locker combination, or if I don't make it to my classes on time. I'm sad that I won't get to see my friends that go to the other schools. I don't want to get confused about my schedule because I could go to the wrong classes at the wrong time.

Even though middle school might be fun and confusing I'm ready for the challenges. I will study as hard as I can for each test, and I won't get in trouble. I will try to be the best student I can for each of my classes. Now and then I will go hang out with my friends and go to trips where I won't be at school, but I will get my work in advance. I want middle school to be my best years of school yet.

how I feel about middle school

Today we got to go to Ryan Middle School, and I thought it was really fun. It's just that when we walked in I thought it felt like the first day of school and I know this is going to sound weird but when we walked in I thought it smelt like a school. If you know what I mean.

I am worried about a lot of things about middle school because I think it's a little scary going to another school because there's teachers you've never met and classes you've never been to. Plus I'm worried about the lockers because I'm scared of what happens if my locker will get jammed or if I forget my locker combo, or if I forget which locker is mine.

The only things I'm excited about are the food and that they have an Art class.

I'm annoyed by one thing. You need to learn your way around the school but then in 2016 they're building a new Ryan so then you need to learn your way around AGAIN!

The only class I want to go to is Art because I really enjoy art. I think it's one of the activities that could let me express myself. So I'm really excited about that.

But one of the things that I'm most worried about is the really mean teachers because I don't want to deal with a rude teacher. I'm just worried about middle school but whenever I ask my mom about it, she says, "It's going to be fine," but then I think "Really? You really think that? Well then..."

But then I think I'll be fine.

Ryan Middle School

I can't wait to be a 7th grader at Ryan Middle. There will be so much freedom because basically 7-12 grade is independent. You also don't go everywhere with your class. Instead of having one class, you have 8. There are also lots of sports and clubs that you can join. Like basketball, volleyball, wrestling, unicycle club, card club, and many other activities. The socials are the things that I am most interested in.

I'm nervous about how complicated the place is. It all looks the same and I'm not familiar with the school either. And I have no idea how to open a locker. It will all work out though because next year there will be a whole knew school and I will know how to open a locker and the new school will probably not be a huge square. So I won't be lost.

Ryan Middle School

I can't wait until I go to Ryan Middle School! I can't wait because it sounds so cool. The part I can't wait for the most is probably the new orchestra class that they have. Choosing orchestra was a little hard for me because I would have to miss out on art class.

Another thing that looks like fun is lunch time. In the lunch room they have vending machines and a lot of selections like pizza and hamburgers. They also have a big lunchroom for all of the kids, so you can eat with your friends.

My favorite things about middle school are that there are spirit days about once or twice every month and in some classes they let you chew gum! They also have different teachers and classes every day, so I thought that might be fun to do. But the best parts of middle school are the socials and the electives. Electives actually give you a choice of given classes for you to participate in. The socials are pretty much after-school parties in the school. They have the pool and computer room open and I even heard that sometimes they let you throw wet sponges at the teachers! Socials also have many other things to do, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

Anyway, I just can't wait to enter the doors to Ryan Middle School!

My opinion of Middle School

I think middle school will be boring because I will only know a few people. It will be boring because most of my friends are fifth grade boys. No recess. Are they crazy? We need recess or we will not survive. They can't hold us captive inside a sweaty classroom with stacks of homework. Why?! Plus, I won't have anything to look forward to at 12:00 pm. Some of the other things that I don't like are how we have to switch classes and only have five minutes between them.

Basically I don't like school period. I don't like paying attention and homework is just plain boring. The only reason I like school now is because of gym and recess.

My experience at the middle school today was great, although the girls who lead our tour were really quiet. Overall it was great. The food sounds great too. Maybe middle school won't be so bad after all. :)

Bye Denali. Hello Ryan

I think Ryan is going to be fun and infuriating and maybe sad. One reason it is going to be fun is there is art and volleyball. There also will be so many more things to do like Cooking clubs and during lunch period there is air hockey. One reason it would be infuriating is the the lockers and only having five minutes between periods. Then if you forget to bring your instrument then your grade is going to die. There is also no instruments you could borrow if you ever did forget your instrument. The reason it is going to be sad is we are leaving some of our best friends. Our best friends are going bye bye. :(

One thing I'm going to hate is that swimming class we are forced to take. For one, I'm not that good at swimming. And two, I don't know, but there is a two.

I am so happy that I get to go to Ryan Middle with almost all my friends. I cant wait to go ... or maybe I can.

My visit to Ryan

The field trip to Ryan was really fun. When the summer passes and I step through the doors I am going to be so nervous. But I believe it will be really fun and a great experience.

When I am at Ryan it will be very different from transitioning to recess, then no recess, and lunch back into a cafeteria. And I would love to sleep in and get to know more new people. And who knows how exciting the field trips will be.

And I would see 8 different teachers a week. We get to go swimming, and do big kid stuff. We right now are the oldest in Denali, but we are going to be the youngest one in Ryan. But over all of that I think it would be a great experience to go to Ryan Middle School. :)

MIddle School

This year is my last year of elementary school. Today we went to Ryan Middle School, which is the middle school I'm going to next year. I'm both excited and scared at the same time. Some things I'm excited about are lockers, because we have our own space that no one can get into.

Today on our field trip we had a 7th and 8th grader give us a mini tour of Ryan Middle. We saw classrooms, the gym, lockers, and the MPR (cafeteria). In elementary we have 2 choices for lunch. In middle school we have a couple more. I'm also pretty happy we don't have recess. Recess is fun this time of the year, but not when it's -17 and we have to go outside.

One new thing is socials. A social is an activity after school that the teachers schedule and you can dance and do other activities with your friends. An elective I want to do is choir. I don't like the choir we have in elementary because they sing songs people don't really know. In middle school they sing songs people do know. One more cool thing is in 8th grade Ryan will be a new school. While in 7th grade, the whole year people will be building onto the school's gym to make a new school. Then they're going to break down the old school and make it a field/basketball court.

Some thing I'm not that much excited about are classes. I'm scared that I'm going to get lost in the school or forget where my classes are. New teachers are a worry. I've had the same teacher for 7 years, now I'm going to have all new teachers. I guess I'm more excited about middle school than scared. I can't wait!!

Visiting Ryan Middle School

Next year I will be going to Ryan Middle School. I think going to Ryan will be lots of fun. I already know the general layout of what the day will be like because I looked at my brother's schedule. I know a lot of people who will be in 8th grade when I go to Ryan and lots of my friends will go there. The staff and students there are funny and nice.

There's also a couple good things about leaving elementary school. The lunches at Ryan offer more choices instead of only having 2 lunches on the menu each day, so that's a plus. Another good thing is that school starts later, so I get to sleep in more! The activities also look very fun there too. One of the things that interest me is dissecting a frog. We are also allowed to swim at the pool. We also get our own lockers instead of sharing cubbies with other class-mates.

I am also a bit worried that I may get lost or lose my locker combination but the office will help us if that happens. Another bad thing is not all of my friends are going to Ryan. Some are moving out of the area and some are attending different schools. Lots of my friends are already going to Ryan with me, so I think it will be very fun.

Middle School

My Middle School is not going to be in Fairbanks, because I am going to move to Austin, Texas. My Middle School, I hope, will be fun, cool, and can teach me cooking, video game programming, movie making, and tips for building robots. I learned that Ryan Middle School is silly, learning, entertaining, and gives freedom, like some schools I know, to its students. I hope that Van, Jake, Robert, and all the people who will go there have a good time.

I learned that there are many different activities, sports and clubs on this field trip. The teachers seem nice, but they require everything needed, is what you have in your arms.

I think it will be confusing in a new school. No Mr. Noon, Mr. Keener, Mrs. Shira, Jensen, Corbin, Van, Dylan, Matty, Tristan, DJ, etc. I will probably feel alone for a while. But Ryan is an amazing building, with awesome features, and the new people are going to be very, very lucky, with the NEW Ryan.

Ryan has... pretty much everything a student could ask for. It has a huge Gym, a pool, hundreds of lockers, maybe fifty rooms, if not more, a HUMONGOUS cafeteria, and nice teachers. I think it would be nice to go to Ryan Middle School.

My Phone

My phone is something that I have to have with me every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and so one. My phone is one of the most precious things in my life. I would maybe say....the 3rd most important. (I'm not going to name the other first ones.) So, my phone has EVERYTHING I need. Such as games and texting, music, videos, the camera, and music. I know I already said music, but I LOVE my music. Music is the 4th most important thing in my life. Whenever I get a text, email, or call, I have to answer before anything else. My phone has some flaws but I am not going to talk about that tuff right now. My phone. How about yours?

My Big Move

Well ever since I moved to Hunter Elementary School, life has changed because of the new house or should I say apartment. And a brand new school that I have to get used to is very rough. There's tons of classes, and the gym activities are unbelievable.
But the only thing that's really good at this school is that there's no stairs. Wait, I should put that in big letters. THERE'S NO STAIRS. That's better. The apartment is also hard to believe too, because it's kind of like a hotel because of how big it is. Also the first day of school for me was really hard because I had to catch the bus, and I apparently missed a few days of school. Yeah, and since I was the so-called "new kid" there was so much attention drawn to me. So much. But now I guess my life is going great. But I miss all of you guys. I was so sad to leave Denali Elementary. So sad because all of my friends were there and I feel so weird because now I'm with kids who I don't even know. But I guess I've made a few at least, and I'm just telling you guys on this site I miss Denali a lot. So don't think that I Like it here, okay. That is the end of my story.


Okay, even though it's pretty far into the year, I'm writing about the end of summer. So, you know when you're on summer break? And then, before you know it, it's August! And then you are just suffering through the last few days of summer knowing that school is coming? I know right! It's a horrible feeling, each day going faster. And school shopping doesn't help. Sooo... I call it, The Great School Depression! TGSD for short. TGSD sucks, a lot. I mean, when it's August, now the days go fast. Sense a pattern? And the weather is always gloomy during the last days of summer break. I mean, the weather doesn't even feel like summer weather at that time. I don't think anyone likes TGSD at all. Especially me.

upadate on life

There's a few things going on in my life right now and there all pretty cool. The first one is my mom is looking for our first house. She's hoping to get a 4 bedroom because my mom wants me to have my own room, my sisters to share, and my baby brother to have his own room because she doesn't want him to be around a bunch of girl stuff all the time, and her to have her own room too. on monday i went with her to go look at the first house we had looked at. it was nice but some flaws. like how the stairs are curvy and dangerous and the oven and stove are really old, and it is only three bedrooms but a pretty big basement we could make into a room.

Next is basketball. Basketball at my school starts after spring break. I'm pretty happy basketball is pretty fun. Mr. C gave my sister a permission sheet to play because not enough 5th and 6th graders signed up. He also said that he was going to put us on the same team so it will be easier on our parents.

Those are all the things going on in my life, not too much, but it's still pretty exciting.

Folgers Shakespeare Library

Have you ever heard of a library just about Shakespeare? One of the worlds biggest collections of Shakespeare's work is known as the Folgers Shakespeare Library. The library sits on capiton hill in Washington D.C. and is 81 years old.
The library is a tannish color, and is three stories high. The people who made the library tried to make it look like the buildings around it as best as they could, like the Library of Congress. The outside is kind of dull, but the inside looks like Shakespeare took all of his work and crammed it into one building, but suprisingly is only a portion of it all.
The Folgers Shakespeare Library is very cool place and if you happen to be in Washington, I would advise you to check it out.

How Sixth Grade is Going so Far

My sixth grade year is going really good so far. Even though its almost over I'm not looking forward to it. When sixth grade started I was really excited and sad because summer was over. When I walked into the classroom I was happy to see all of my friends again and I think they were happy to see me too. For the rest of that day I was totally happy and ready for the next day. I felt like it was going to be a great year.

As the first quarter ended I was trying out for IYB and also trying out for comp basketball. Every time I had a game I would be exhausted the next day.Every time I went to school i wouldn't be so tired anymore because all of my friends that go here made me fell happier and excited. When I had math I would go to a different room because I was in advanced math class,so I had to got to Mrs.Lundquist's classroom. The people in there were either my friends or my enemy, but I learned to not let my anger out on them. In there we do some of the most greatest stuff like we get to do stitchery, eat shortbread, get to draw enlargements, and get to work with my friends.

During our specials we always have fun no matter what one we're in. What we do in gym is always a ball because we talk, laugh to the top of our lungs, or we sing like no one's around. When we have Library we talk, draw something funny, or we just drive each other nuts. In music we can't do much because she doesn't want us to have any fun with our friends, but we still find a way to have fun without getting in trouble.

Recess is one of our favorite places to go, so we can have fun with our other friends that are in different classes. All we do at recess is talk, and make are other friends laugh. The people I hang out with is Neveah, Tyrah, Ben, Robert, Sean, Van, and some fifth graders when I don't feel like hanging out with them.

I love to go out to recess unless it's cold outside, then I hate it.

Now I'm kinda sad that school is almost over and everybody will be separated from each other because of middle school. I will miss all of my close friends, and all the ones I leave behind.

Weekend At The Hamptons

What do you like to do on weekends? I like to go swimming! My dad, my little sister and I went to the Hampton's over by Wal-Mart and we got a room for the weekend so we could go swimming. We got there and went straight to swimming. There was a hot tub and the swimming pool my sister and me went to the swimming pool and my dad went to the hot tub. My sister and I wanted to see who could hold their breath the longest. I won but only by a few seconds. Then I went into the hot tub and it felt like it was broiling hot but it is only because I just came out of the pool. After a few minutes it felt really nice.

We got dressed and waited about an hour then we went to lunch at Brewster’s and I got a basket full of nachos. After that we went back and sat down for a while because you are not supposed to swim for about an hour after eating. About an hour later we tried to go back swimming but the pool was closed for fixing. So we went to our room and hang out until we went to sleep.

The next morning we got breakfast because they give it out for free. I got waffles, yogurt, and an apple. When we were done eating we went up stairs to get our swimming suits and the pool was still closed. I was furious because that was the whole point of going there. So we decided just to pack up our stuff and head home.

I have to say though even after the swimming pool getting shut down I still could not picture a better weekend then that!