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Tell the Raven is a community writing project for Mr. Noon's sixth-grade class at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Wednesday Night

Wednesday night my uncle and my teacher from third grade came over to our house. We had chicken nuggets for dinner. YUM!!! Then we watched about thirty seconds of a movie. Then my sister started to do my teacher's hair. And I gave her a back massage, and once I was done I gave my uncle a massage. Also, that night we had four dogs at our house!! Eddie, louie, clover, and my dog snickers. For snack I had Oreos with chocolate on top. It was good!!

The Death Of A Loved One

Hello, this will be about my dog Zoe.

So around when I think I was 7 or 8, I had a dog Zoe who is a white boxer. She lived much longer than she was supposed to. When my dad found her she was on the side of the road with broken ribs. When he brought her to the vet they said she will be ok but she will only maybe live till 9. Zoe was a fighter; she lived til she was 15. When she was 15 her legs stopped working. My dad had to carry her over to her bed. When we got home from school my dad and mom told us that tomorrow they will have to put her down. That night I read a book to her and I fell asleep reading to her. The only thing I have to remember her by is a imprint of her paw in clay.

Ada Blackjack

Name of Alaska Native Leader: Ada Blackjack
Birth Information: May,10 1898 Solomon, Alaska
Death Information: 1983 85 years old
Where the person is from: Stayed in Solomon, Alaska

Ada Blackjack was chosen with four other people to try and take over Wrangel Island for Canada. They all went on a boat on their journey, and the three men got the sickness called scurvey. Ada did not become sick.Two of the men died on the boat, and the last man was taken care of by Ada. She took care of him until he died. After he died she was on the boat by herself for four months. When somebody found her she was still alive. When she got back the news called her the "Female Robinson Crusoe".

Ada was diagnosed with tuberculosis.
When she was on the boat there was a cat with her.
The cat's name was Vic.
Ada had four children total
(Three before and one after being on the ship).


I am obsessed with youtube. It's not even a joke. Every night I stay up watching it ALL night long. I am subscribed to a lot of channels on youtube. When you subscribe that means you get a reminder when that person you're subscribed to posts a video. My all time favorite youtube channel is o2l. o2l stands for (our second life). It's about 6 boys (Ricky, JC, Sam, Trevor, Kian, and Conner). Conner is crazy and funny and he's obsessed with cats and tea. Kian is the trouble maker and breaks everything. Sam's the bad boy; he's always getting into trouble. Trevor is the youngest; he's 16, and he's the singer. JC is the prankster; he always is making people mad and scaring them. Ricky is the nerdy one; he loves pokemon and his DS. He also kinda sings. Every week they have a theme that the viewers picked. All the boys have a special day of the week that they need to post something according to the theme. My dream is to meet o2l and I hope you like to watch their videos as much as I do.

Bethany Hamilton

This January me and my family are going to Hawaii to meet.. BETHANY HAMILTON!!!!! I am SO excited It was my sister's wish. It was made possible by "MAKE A WISH." They give wishes to kids who were sick in the hospital. It is my opinion but I think it is a great thing that they're doing. We had a Hawaii themed party, then we put a poster board picture of Bethany Hamilton on our front porch. My sister answered the door and found the poster board of Bethany Hamilton. She was confused at first. Then, she read the note that was taped to Bethany. Finally, we took a bunch of pictures; it was an awesome night.


Chief Andrew Isaac was born April 18, 1898 between Joseph village and Kechumstuk in a camp shelter he died at the age of 93 years old in Dot Lake.

In 1932 chief Andrew Isaac was appointed chief of the united crow band by his uncle Walter. Since Chief Andrew Isaac was known to live a honest, healthy and respectful life, he was chosen to be the next leader.

In Anchorage in 1966 he argued for land rights for Native people. Andrew Isaac also included the health center clinic named after him. In 1932 Chief Andrew Isaac was appointed chief of the United Crow band by his uncle, Walter.

Clare Swan

My Alaska Native leader is Clare Swan. Clare Swan was born on March 9, 1939 and raised on the Kenai Peninsula. She is Kenaitze Indian. Clare has not passed away. Clare is part Filipino and part Kenatize. She grew up in Kenai, lived in Anchorage and Seward until the 1964 earthquake. Clare moved to Chicago for 12 years, then returned to the Kenai Peninsula. She is also the chief of the Kenaitze tribe.

Clare worked hard to preserve and protect the subsistence fishing rights of the Kenaitze Indians. Also, in the 1970’s she helped establish the Dena’ina Health Clinic. In the late 1970’s Clare worked to establish the Cook Intlet Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Clare has done many things that helped people.

In her spare time she advocated for woman and children through the Indian Child Welfare Act. In 2009 Clare received the Alaska Federation of Natives President’s Award for Elder of the Year. She also supported the Woman’s Crisis Center in Kenai. She thanks her husband for 60 great years.

Albert Kookesh

Albert Kookesh was born on a special day; he was born on November 24, 1948. He was born at Juneau, Alaska. He also grew up in Juneau, Alaska.

Albert is a very special man in Alaska. He was a special assistant appointed by Governor Knowles. He stayed special assistant from 1994-1996.

Albert Kookesh received his JD degree from the University of Washington in 1976. He is 65 years old right now. He is also in the Democratic Party.

Chief David Salmon

Born 1912 in salmon village. When his mom passed he was age ten. After that his dad and him went into no mans land and sold furs for money. David was also Gwich’in Athabascan. He spent the next eighteen years in no mans land. They survived from wild game. He got married when he was 25 with Else Albert at Saint Marks Mission. David salmon was the founder of He was awarded the honor doctorate from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2002 aka (UAF). In 1962 he was appointed the first official ordained Athabascan priest.

Did you know David salmon was a chief when he was only 29? Aawesome. Also he hauled 90 logs at the age of seventy using a chainsaw for a church talk about a healthy guy. Did you know he was a master tools maker and he shared his knowledge right up till he passed?

He is so famous because he helped with the community so much. Like making TCC a website that talks about natives and chiefs. Also like being a priest in different areas of Alaska. He also built a store and a school. What’s funny is I was using to search him. He was a chief when he was twenty nine.

Chief David Salmon

Chief David Salmon was a Gwich'in Athabascan born in 1912 in the Salmon Village, founded by his father; William Salmon. His mother Alice Salmon passed away when David was only 9. David Salmon was raised in Chalkyitsik. He died at age 95, in 2007.

David Salmon was taught about bush survival because him and his dad got animal skin to sell. Sometimes Temperatures dropped below zero at what the place was called "No man's land."

Some things I thought was cool about him is that he was married 59 years until his wife passed away. He was the first traditional Chief of the Interior of Alaska. He also got a U.A.F doctorate because he shared his story and experience with tools and his lifestyle. He referred himself as a servant to God and everything he did he credited God for his achievements.


My Alaska Native Leader.
October 14, 2014

Elizabeth Peratrovich was raised in Alaska.

Elizabeth was born in Petersburg, Alaska on July 4,1911.

Elizabeth Peratrovich Died of cancer at age 47 on December 1, 1958.

Elizabeth Peratrovich made all Alaska rights equal so Natives were not restricted from certain areas. She was upset because in some store windows the signs said, “NO NATIVES!” “NO DOGS!” "NO NATIVES!” She was really upset and knew she had to do something about it. She and her family had trouble finding a house because almost every house window said “NO NATIVES” Also, children were refused entrance to the movie theaters!!

Some interesting facts about Elizabeth Peratrovich:
She had three kids named Frank Allen Peratrovich, Roy Peratrovich, and Loretta Marie Montgomery. She was a part of the raven moiety. She was an orphan.

Annie Brower

Annie Brower is an Alaska Native Leader. She was born on Barter Island 1925. Annie Brower died on Oct. 29 2013 at the age of 75. She was living in Barter Island for most of her life, but then moved to Barrow at age 4.

Annie never finished high school. She tried to go back and finished but she didn’t have time. Annie had one son and now he is the mayor of Barrow. Annie started fighting against the practice of ‘social promotion’.

When Annie was in high school she saw something that nobody saw. She saw the affects of the school system that moved students from grade to grade, without educational achievement. She tried to fix the school system after she got out of high school.

Sydney Huntington

Sydney Huntington was born 1923 June 10. He was born by the Koyukuk River in a village called Hughes. Sydney was raised in Hogatzakaket. Him and his sibling went to school and had a normal childhood. At 16 he made his own living by trapping and fishing for fish. At 22 he got married and moved to Huslia and started working at cash jobs. In 1993 Sydney published his book Shadows on the Koyukuk.

Sydney wrote the Shadows on the Koyukuk, which was where he was born. He grew up along that river and the book is about stories, legends and his life. I guess you can call it an autobiography. Most of the stories are ones he heard from his elders and parents. I bet he reads and tells these stories to his children.

Sydney has a school named after him called Sydney C. Huntington Elementary. He has 3 sisters and 1 brother. At 5 his mother died. Before he published his book he owned a fishing company which was very successful.

The Scar

Hello, Today I am going to tell you how I got my scar on my forehead.

When I was three I was not very bright. I loved to climb on things. I could climb higher then my 5 year old sister. But all good things must come to an end. One day I was particularly interested in climbing out of my crib. So one day I thought to my self let's climb out of my crib. I did and... I busted my head on the window sill to where there was more blood than there should have been and guess what, I fell back asleep. I now have a giant scar. I call it The Scar. When people ask what I did, I say you should have seen the other guy. His name is Window Sill.

Chief Andrew Isaac

Andrew Isaac was born on April 16, 1898 in a camp shelter between Joseph Village and Kechumstuk, Alaska. He was an Athabaskan leader. Also he was chief of the United Crow Band. He moved with his wife and children to Dot Lake in 1946 and remained there until his passing in 1991.

Some things that stand out about him is that he has a health center named after him behind Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. He also fought for Native land rights. In 1972, Tanana Chiefs Conference appointed him the first Traditional Chief of the Athabascan people. His clan language is endangered. Less than 60 people use it at this point in time.

Some other interesting facts about him are that at the age of 11 he was employed at a coal mine. Then he was moved to a gold mine. Gold miners got paid 5 dollars a day.

In 1924 Andrew got the flu. He was one of the few people to survive it.

In 1932 he got appointed chief of the United Crow Band.

All About Me

Hello, Today I am going to tell all about me.

My name is Hunter, not Tewawia. Either one is fine, though. I love writing and math. I like writing more, but don't tell anyone. I'm addicted to video games. I can maybe spend 12 hours on it before turning it off for food. It's crazy, right? You may think it is, but to me it is easy. I have maybe over 60 games, not counting PSP games. I can't even pick my top 10 favorites. I maybe get about 2 games a year maybe even more close to 5 or 6. That was the olden times though. I haven't had my PS3 for about a solid year. So I'm more used to playing xbox than my PS3. I like to be active, though. I played football for a year on the Malamutes. My team was not very good because everyone was just starting. I'm also starting baseball this year and I do rifle shooting.

Dear John Dunlop

October 9, 2014
Dear John Dunlop,
Thank you for inventing the tire and the bicycle. If we didn’t have any tires or bicycles, we would have to walk everywhere. So thank you for inventing the tire and bicycle.

I have two questions about the tire and bicycle. What did you make the tire and bicycle out of? Now one more question, how did you test it to make it work?

I do a lot of tricks, I do kick flips bunny hops. I also like it because you can do tricks and go on hills. Other people like it because they can go on hills and do tricks, too. Why didn’t you make bikes easier to ride? So thank you for inventing the tire and bicycle.


Dear Vladimir Zworykin

October 6, 2014

Dear Vladimir Zworykin,

Thank you for inventing the television. Now when I’m bored I can watch television. Most of the shows I watch are adult shows and teenager shows. For example, I watch THE BIG BANG THEORY. Then I play video games like BLACK OPS2 and ASSASSIN’S CREED.

I wonder how you came up with television? Did anyone ask you to make an invention? Or did you just come up with it yourself.

The way you watch television is easy. All you do is turn it on with a remote. People that are lazy just sit on the couch and watch television.

When you watch too much and eat, you get fatter, because the calories don’t get burned and they turn into fat. Other than that, I enjoy your invention.


Dear John Curtis

October 10,2014
Dear John Curtis,

Thank you for inventing my best friend, gum. It is a very great invention; I'm pretty sure that I have a piece of gum every day. Gum is important to me because when I am bored it is fun to chew and blow bubbles.

What I wonder is what did gum taste like in 1848. Nowadays we have hundreds of different flavors. I looked up What kind of flavors they had back then. It said that it started with spruce flavored gum and then later you made more - White Mountain, sugar cream, four in hand, big and best, plus more!

Gum is good for people when they are really busy and forget to brush their teeth. They can chew some gum to make their breath smell better.

A reason gum isn't such a good invention is because it's kind of a safety hazard. If a baby gets a hold of gum they can choke. Another one is sometimes gum gets stuck in hair. When that happens to me, my dad puts peanut butter in my hair to make it not sticky. Also did you know that if you swallow gum it won't digest for seven years! One other bad thing is kids love gum so much that they chew it at school. That equals a DR.

Well all in all gum is a pretty good invention.


The Mortal Instuments

Have you ever read the Mortal Instruments? It's a great series. It's about the unseen world.

There are vampires, werewolves, warlocks, demons, anglers, and shadow hunters. Warlocks are half human and half greater. Greater demons are demons that have minions and have more power. Warlocks are deformed. A warlock named Mangos has cat eyes and nothing else. Shadow hunters are people that kill demons and save the mundanes, humans.

Dear John Pemberton

Dear John Pemberton,

Thank you for inventing Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is awesome refreshment. I wonder what it would be like with Coca-Cola. A nice can of Coca-Cola is always good.

I like Coca-Cola for many reasons. There are Coca-Cola decorations and collectibles that I think are cool. An example is Coca-Cola coolers, pens, toys, dolls, puzzles, bottles, and COINS. The thing I like about Coca-Cola is that they have fun toys and board games, and stuff like that. That is why I like Coca-Cola.

I think most people like Coca-Cola because it tastes good. People probably like some of the commercials, too. People might’ve liked how they made Coca-Cola Zero. It has no calories, so it’s good for people that don’t want to get that many calories from soda.

Sometimes Coca-Cola can be misused. Some people can drink too much of it. You can get too hyper from too much caffeine.

Why did you decide to make Coca-Cola?


Dear Clarence Birdseye

October 3, 2014

Dear Clarence Birdseye,

Thank you for making frozen food. It makes it easier to make food faster, like frozen fish, pizza, corndogs, frozen blueberries with ice cream, and ice cream cake.

Mr. Birdseye, how long did it take you to make frozen food and what was it, like 1987, or some time ago? What times was it and were you like at your mom's, dad's, grandma and grandpa. Plus what made you make frozen food? Were you looking at normal food and saying, “Wow I wish I can freeze this?” Then you put it in your fridge? And what was your first frozen food?

I love my pizza, ice cream, corndogs and blue berries with chocolate with ice cream. So thanks for making frozen food, Mr. Clarence Birdseye.


Dear Jason Howard

Dear Jason Howard,
Thank you for making Super Dinosaur. But how many books did you make? What gave you the idea? Why the main topic dinosaurs? What if you made the main topic robots? I have so many questions to ask you, but I'll just ask one, for now. "What if SD turned against the good guys?

Would the book be as interesting if Maximus always won? I mean, all the bad guys lose, but what if they won? Would that be the end? I think Super Dinosaur is pretty cool, but others think it's immature. I think that Maximus is pretty darn cool. Why didn't Maximus make hundreds of dino-men instead of just 7? Also, how did he erase SD's, Derek's, and Dr. Dynamo's minds of Juileanna?

Zachary Kulis

Goblins and Other Scary Creatures

Have you ever wondered if there was anything other than humans and animals out there? Well I've seen other things that have not been found by scientists. Mostly goblins, but I've seen other monsters.

I'm going to talk about goblins first. Their color is greenish-brownish with bad clothing that is usually dirty, and ripped. They are really short, they are around 2ft tall. They have pointy ears, and long nails that are broken on some parts. Sometimes they carry weapons like small knifes, and other small weapons, but mostly small knifes.

Other creatures are like vampires, and Mothman! A lot of people know different stories on vampires, but not all of them are correct. Vampires do suck blood, but some hide and eat animals instead of human blood. Others just crave for human blood, and just can't stop. Not all of them wear a cape of black, and red. Usually they can run really fast, and jump really high. If a vampire bites a human, but does not drink a lot of blood then they have to become a vampire!

Mothman has been seen all over the United States. Mothman is believed to wreck things. Every time it has been seen something bad has happened. For instance a very large, sturdy bridge collapsed, and Mothman was seen before and after the accident. One time a family was driving outside of town, and the little girl on board looked out the window, and saw a creature with wings and a moth face with big red eyes. The family sped up, but Mothman stayed right next to the car for a long time. Then it flew off into the distance.

Dear Karl Benz

Dear Karl Benz,
Thank you for the automobile. They're called cars now. Your invention is the biggest step mankind has taken, because if you didn’t make the car, then everyone would be walking or biking. They wouldn’t be skipping happily because they wouldn’t be happy, because their legs would be hurting.
I like cars because they take me to school. They also take my dad and 3 quarters of the world to work. They entertain me by racing, and they are capable of insane jumps and tricks. In fact, many people like to watch them race, crash and blow-up.

The downside of the whole idea is pollution. The world “back then” didn’t think of this, so now WE DO. We have found a solution to the problem, ELECTRIC CARS. We sort of solved the problem because nobody wants to take the time and get rid of their car and buy a whole brand new car. Thank you again!

Dear Joseph Nicephore Niepce

October3, 2014

Dear Joseph Nicephore Niepce,

Thank you for inventing the photograph. Your invention is used all over the world. Also your invention inspired George Eastman to make the camera. Your invention keeps people’s memories alive. I know that your invention will be used for generations to come.

My favorite thing about the photograph is that it helps me remember the stuff I did in the past. It also helps me look up what someone looked like in the eighteen hundreds. If you didn’t create the photograph, the whole world would be up-side down because we wouldn’t remember anything that happened, and we would have to pay a artist money to paint a picture of us. If you were still alive you would be happy that your invention is used around the globe. Your invention has been used on phones, the internet, albums, and other things.

Why did you create the photograph? Did you work alone? And if you didn’t, who did you work with? What was your intention to make the photograph? Did you make mistakes while making it? How did you think to do the photograph? Thank you very much.


Dear Bartolomeo Cristofori

Dear Bartolomeo Cristofori,

I never thought that I would write to you. In fact I didn’t know you existed until now. I’m writing to you to tell you how I feel about your invention, the piano!

I’ve always loved the piano. In fact, I grew up living with a piano at my grandparents' house. It's very old by now. I loved the piano. I love the piano so much I started to take lessons at my mom's friend's house, Miss Heather's house. I went there for two to three years. I learned a lot of songs. I was about to move on, but then we had a accident and I never went there again. I still play but I’m not as good as I was back then.

A lot of things you can do with pianos is why it’s totally awesome. You can do like a million songs. Your invention is the first to play any song in the world. You can play one direction and Adele and Katy Perry.

We also use your invention for plays, musicals, and concerts. I would be proud if I was you.


Dear George Eastman

October 7, 2014
Dear George Eastman,

Thank you for inventing the camera! We use the camera for so many things. The camera keeps memories and dreams alive. It shows us what people looked like back when our ancestors were alive. The camera is used for a lot of learning possibilities.

I like the camera because I have had lots of loved ones pass. I can go back and look at the pictures. One other thing I like about the camera is that I can crop the picture and make my own collage. Also if you go on a trip you have the pictures to remember all the fun things you did. You can also remember the family members' voices with video.

One of the uses for cameras is that people use it to track people with video cameras to keep us safe from bad people, and to make sure you don't do anything bad. How did you the idea for the camera? How much money did it take to make the camera? And my final question is.......How many people supported you?


Dear Bartolommeo Cristofori

October 6, 2014
Dear Bartolommeo Cristofori,

Thank you for making the piano. I don’t play it, but I still think it’s great. I think it’s a beautiful instrument. They look nice, too. I think it’s fun to pretend to play them. The instrument is very nice; I bet you would have loved to see how it is now. People use them in concerts and stuff. They’re electric now! Thank you so much. It helps me because it’s used in orchestra, and I play in orchestra.

Your invention helped other people too. It helps by giving people money. People play piano for a job. So, it’s a really useful thing. It sounds very nice. I think a lot of other people like it too. I think people like it because it’s electronic now! So it’s lighter and smaller. Which I think is cool.

I have some questions. What was it like making the piano? Was it hard to think of and make? How and where did you get the idea for a piano? Did people call you crazy, or were they happy for you? Did you have any help making it? Was the very first piano a bust, or was it really good? I asked a lot of questions, but thank you so much. You would probably love to see your invention today!